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Konami brings its established PS2 series to the video game Boy Advance, but it's a much different

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By Craig Harris
After Nintendo's great Advance Wars, don't it is in surprised to watch a brand-new glut the turn-based strategy gamings hit the video game Boy Advance. Though Konami's own Zone that the Enders: The Fist the Mars to be obviously in breakthrough before the team realized simply how an excellent Advance Wars would turn out, Konami has actually the misfortune the riding Nintendo's coattails v its own futuristic turn-based strategy And also even through the game complying with a many the exact same formula together Advance Wars, Konami's strategy for its ZOE residential or commercial property isn't nearly as intuitive or clean in the interface, and the heavy emphasis on storytelling can make a lot of of human being lose interest.

Features more than a dozen goals Battery conserve (three conserve slots, one immediate save slot) just for game Boy breakthrough Zone of the Enders: The Fist that Mars is a fully independent video game from Zone the the Enders released on the playstations 2 critical year. The 2 games' only connection is the it takes ar within the exact same universe and timespan: 2173, a future where nests have sprouted on and around surrounding planets, and giant mechanical based robots space pretty lot a typical occurance approximately the solar system. The video game Boy advance game adheres to Cage, one inhabitant top top the migration ship Bonaparte III...after the ship bites the huge one, Cage befriends a resistance group and joins pressures with them, righting wrong and all that an excellent stuff.

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The gameplay itself is a huge departure from the playstation game, as the game no much longer simulates the action from within the cockpit of a large mechanized robot. Instead, players take it command of the whole army of tanks and fighters in one overhead map, acquisition turns earlier and forth between your fleet and the opponents. Football player will need to keep one eye on the abilities and also strengths/weaknesses of every of the vehicles in their group, and also use the money earned in fight to update and development their abilities after ~ a fight. Areas on the map also influence how well/poorly your systems will manage themselves throughout battle. The strategy deserve to get practically as deep as Advance Wars, but since the game pressures the gamer come jump appropriate in and also learn the stuff and also somewhat clumsy interface for himself, it'll take it a couple of hours simply to number out every the nuances.

ZOE: The Fist of Mars' main hook is its battle engine -- during any kind of attack or protective phase, players will shot to outmaneuver the defending/attacking craft within the IAS (interactive activity sequence) interface. In the attack phase, it's all about hitting the fire switch when the crosshairs room positioned ~ above the enemy. In the defensive mode, the difficulty is come avoid gaining a target lock through swerving up, down, left, and also right. Each unit has actually its very own strength and also weakness throughout this phase...a an effective ship, for example, will have actually tighter manage over the crosshair, a bigger targetting area, and a longer time to attack. A handmade with higher defense will have quicker maneuvering to protect against the target lock. While this every sounds favor a cool implementation, it does often tend to acquire tedious, and it drags out the moment it take away to end up a mission...attacks per car can last an ext than 15 seconds each. And, despite you deserve to turn turn off either the offensive or protective (or both) modes at any time, the attack/defensive phases are pre-calculated based upon the statistics for each of the the opportunities of hitting or absent during these phases space no longer in your control. It's a Catch-22, unfortunately...but it's finest to leave the combat sequences on and address the very long mission times. Luckily ZOE has an instant save slot that can be provided at any time during a mission.

The biggest issue with ZOE: The Fist of Mars is the oversaturation the plot. For the type of video game this is, there is absolutely way too much conversation between each of the characters. The story unfolds in a bland, uninformative "talking head"'s simply two different faces on height of a elevator representing the location of this characters. It's very an overwhelming to follow exactly what's continue in the plot simply since it's not precisely clear who's connecting with whom. And also there's simply so much text to review before, during, and after the goals that it's exceptionally tempting to just hit the A switch really fast to obtain to the meat the the game...but then, you'd be lacking out on crucial details continue in the storyline. Bummer.

Unfortunately because that Konami, its Zone the the Enders" provides for a somewhat dull video game Boy development experience. The strategy elements are plentiful, however the game"s is nowhere together deep as advance Wars...and several missions have the right to be completed simply by an all-out frontal assault. Its gameplay may be comparable in principle to the outstanding advance Wars, however ZOE: The Fist of Mars is saturation with way too much story and battle sequences that traction out the missions much too long. The game"s not devastating by any kind of just has actually a poorly well balanced presentation with too much fluff neighboring the game"s substance.