In Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi renders a comment about Anakin"s lightsaber that seems totally contradictory with the prequels.

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BEN: I have actually something below for you. Your father want you to have actually this as soon as you were old enough, but your uncle wouldn"t permit it. He fear you might follow old Obi-Wan on some damned-fool idealistic crusade favor your dad did.

As we check out in the prequels, Anakin never ever said anything of the sort. On the contrary, Obi-Wan took his lightsaber far from his burning, screaming corpse. And Anakin hid his unborn children from Obi-Wan, an interpretation he would have never mutual his ambitions because that their lives with him. Unlike various other "half-truths" Obi-Wan tells, this simply seems favor a turoulend lie.

Obviously the out-of-universe price is that Lucas" claim that he always knew Vader was Luke"s dad is finish BS. But is over there a canon answer for this discrepancy?

I"ll accept answers from reduced canon resources (Legends) as well, however I"d choose answers indigenous the Disney-approved canon.

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I don"t think there is any official explanation for this. However, I think there is a possibility that there isn"t actually any kind of contradiction here. If we assume a few things were stated off-screen (to protect against redundancy, accelerate the plot, etc.) climate we can reconcile the seeming inconsistency.

Off-screen interactions:

After learning Padme to be pregnant, Anakin called her that he hoped because that a son and also that at some point he"d prefer to provide his very own lightsaber come his son once he to be old enough.Padme relayed this info to Obi-Wan when she was offering birth to the twins.When Obi-Wan lugged Luke come his aunt and also uncle the conveyed the exact same message.Uncle Owen, however, wouldn"t allow it as he to be afraid Luke can be tempted come get associated in Kenobi"s "idealistic crusade" like Anakin did.

So what Kenobi claimed could still be true... Indigenous a certain point that view.


In the lack of any type of official answer, I believe this is the best answer we have actually if we are to reconcile the seeming inconsistency.

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As stated, over there is no canon answer.

I uncover it hard to think that Anakin ever questioned this through Obi-Wan.

Instead, ns think this is Obi-Wan"s very first "from a details point that view" moment. He simply uses Anakin"s lightsaber in what was surely a pre-planned relocate to gain Luke excited by the Force and also the Jedi. He most likely thought the whenever he did satisfy up with Luke, this would certainly be one of the points he would do and that it would certainly surely work.

He probably was comforted by the truth that a sane Anakin most likely would have felt this method about it, telling himself the his friend (who he probably does view as dead in a way) would have liked what he had chosen to do.

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Quite simply, the statement to be true native Obi-Wan"s point of view, with no agenda needed.

In fact, if we include two words for context, the statement becomes 100% accurate. Obi-Wan should have actually said "Your dad would have want you to have actually this as soon as you to be old enough." BOOM.

Although technically a lie, over there wasn"t necessarily any agenda top top the component of Obi-Wan in informing Luke this. We understand from the Disney canon the Obi-Wan was ultimately telling the reality in Episode vi - as much as he was concerned, his girlfriend Anakin Skywalker "died" as soon as he came to be evil. The action & motivation of Darth Vader were various enough native his former life that he might reasonably be considered a different person altogether.

LUKE: friend told me Vader betrayed and murdered my father.

BEN: her father was seduced by the dark side of the Force. He ceased to be Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader. As soon as that happened, the an excellent man that was her father was destroyed. So what I have told you was true... From a certain point that view.

LUKE: (turning away, derisive) A specific point the view!

BEN: Luke, you"re going to find that many of the truths us cling to depend greatly on our own allude of view.

(Ben sits down on a adjacent log)

When I first knew him, your father was already a good pilot. Yet I to be amazed exactly how strongly the force was through him. I took that upon myself to train him together a Jedi. I believed that I might instruct him just as well as Yoda. Ns was wrong. My proud has had actually terrible consequences for the galaxy.

LUKE: There"s still great in him.

BEN: I also thought he could be turned earlier to the good side. The couldn"t it is in done. That is more maker now than man. Twisted and also evil.

From Obi-Wan"s allude of view, he knows the the good man that was Anakin Skywalker would have actually wanted his child to have actually his old lightsaber. Had Anakin actually died during the Clone Wars, the same could be stated regardless of whether or not Anakin actually claimed at some suggest "I desire my son to have actually my lightsaber". Having been his girlfriend for years, Obi-Wan would have the ability to make a relatively accurate guess about Anakin Skywalker"s wishes on the matter.

As for the statement gift a lie, the is technically true, yet it"s really no various in context than a parent handing down a family heirloom saying, "Your grand would have wanted friend to have actually this." over there is no factor to assume the Obi-Wan intentionally lied just to recruit Luke, or that the specific request arisen off-screen. That is merely telling Luke what he believes to be the fact - that Anakin Skywalker would have actually wanted Luke to have the weapon.

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The bit about his uncle no wanting the to have actually the weapon would additionally be true there is no an really statement to the effect. Owen Lars had actually made it level that he want Luke to have actually nothing to do with the galaxy at big or even Obi-Wan himself. Typical sense dictates the he wouldn"t permit a teenage Luke to have such a weapon, and in truth would probably just throw it away if provided the opportunity.

Note: As countless have pointed out because Episode I, yes, there are evident gaps in what Obi-Wan said on Dagobah. Naught he said is untrue, however. He DID take it it upon self to train Anakin even if it is the council approved or not, and also he go think he can train the boy and Yoda, who personally disapproved of maintain Anakin in ~ all.

He was also shocked to discover Anakin"s midicholorian count, and also therefore how solid Anakin was in the Force. Also, ironically, us now recognize that it to be from Anakin himself the the morally rigid Obi-Wan learned to be "flexible" with the reality in together a manner.