Error: User blocked/deleted

If you"re utilizing"s on facebook inbox feature, you might experience an error the reads: 

User blocked you or deleted the conversation with you.


the error means that the recipient has closed your chat, or blocked you. It"s a Facebook error, and not one the can bypass. Below is the error that facebook provides.

"message": "(#200) This human being isn"t easily accessible right now.",

"type": "OAuthException",

"code": 200,

"error_subcode": 1545041,

"fbtrace_id": "**************"

follow to Facebook"s developer page, the error message way "Message not Sent: This human isn"t available right now." This occurs as soon as a user deletes a conversation.

If you go straight to Facebook, you"ll be may be to answer to this recipient also if the conversation is deleted. The recipient will get a inquiry to develop a brand-new conversation with you. No error is generated. This is not the situation when making use of a third-party service like Once you answer from we use the on facebook application that is connected to your page, so this error will take place if the recipient closes the chat or block you.

Error: User can not be found

Error may read: 

User can not be found.


the error way that the recipient has closed her chat, or blocked you. It"s a Facebook error, and also not one that can bypass. Below is the error that facebook provides.

"message": "(#100) No matching user found."


Error: This post cannot it is in sent external of the allowed 24-hour window

Error may read : 

Failed to send : This blog post cannot be sent outside of the enabled 24-hour home window

Error may also read : 

Draft failure: This blog post cannot be sent exterior of the allowed 24-hour home window


Since March 4th, 2020, facebook no longer allows you come reply with a third-party application like after 24 hours have expired. You will certainly only be able to reply v come messages got in the last 24 hours. If you’d prefer to learn more about this policy change, you have the right to get more details in this comprehensive guide published by Facebook.

Error: Our access to this account was revoked.

Error may show up in channel setups as:



groups with multiple on facebook pages may see this error as result of the way that on facebook provisions page accessibility permissions come apps choose  The authentication procedure starts v a perform of all facebook pages the authenticated account can administrate.  It"s vital to inspect all the pages that will certainly or have been added to together this screen dictates the scope of access has for the account.  If you include Page A and also later include Page B, but only select Page B throughout the authentication process, will just have access to Page B walking forward.  access to Page A will be revoked.


Revoke the application permissions indigenous the facebook user account doing the authentication. - To do this, friend will should log right into Facebook - Click the drop-down arrow next come the bell - Click into Settings - Click right into Business Integrations top top the left-hand next - Click the checkbox beside and also click "Remove". Log in in come in an incognito browser home window to avoid any type of existing sessions. Add a brand-new or re-authorize one existing Facebook channel in As soon as the an initial pop-up home window from Facebook appears, make certain that all pages that space or will certainly be included to are selected, not just the one at this time getting added/re-authorized.  You"ll be triggered to pick the particular page in ~ a later on point. ~ above the following window, you should be triggered on i m sorry permissions girlfriend are approving  All of the toggles top top this page need to be turn on. The next window should give you the choice to select the particular page you"re actually including to

Error: A blog post attachment can not be sent due to new Facebook privacy rule in Europe. Please incorporate the record as an external link.

once sending a Facebook blog post with an attachment, error might read:

A message attachment could not be sent due to new Facebook privacy rules in Europe. Please include the file as an external link.


In order come comply with European privacy regulations, on facebook has limited certain functions for the complying with Messenger users:

Europe pages in every chats Pages with admins in Europe in every chats any chats with world in Europe

The full details of these changes are provided in Facebook"s Developer documentation here.

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remove the attachments from that message.  Upload the attachments to a paper sharing service and also include a sharing attach for that record as a text connect in the breeze you"re trying come send.