Penelope (Penny) Vanderhof Sycamore, a mommy in her mid-fifties, the matriarch of a comic household, carefree and easygoing. Penny plainly loves her family and also life itself. After a typewriter is mistakenly yielded to her, she drops her old hobby of painting and also begins to compose plays. She walk both an extremely badly, yet with layout and an excellent humor.

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Paul Sycamore

Paul Sycamore, Penny’s husband and father that the Sycamore brood. Paul has given up ordinary occupational to construct fireworks in his basement. He frequently tries them the end in the center of the life room. The intends to market them, but his plans never quite work out. Paul is less involved than his mam in the lives of the children since he safety so lot time in the basement.

Grandpa young name Vanderhof

Grandpa martin Vanderhof, the patriarch and founder the the family’s unconventional lifestyle. The Sycamore family plainly revolves about Grandpa, and his eccentric clear-sightedness saves the day much more than once. One day, Grandpa left work and also never returned; the spends his life now in a much more productive manner, cram darts, attending commencements, and also enjoying his family.

Essie Sycamore Carmichael

Essie Sycamore Carmichael, the elder daughter, who is married. Essie splits she time in between making new kinds of liquid (successfully) and practicing to become a ballerina (unsuccessfully).

Ed Carmichael

Ed Carmichael, Essie’s husband. Ed dram the xylophone, operates one amateur printing press in the life room, and occasionally peddles Essie’s candies.

Alice Sycamore

Alice Sycamore, the younger daughter, in her early twenties. Alice is the just normal person in the Sycamore family. She works in one office on wall Street and has no inexplicable hobbies. She is devoted to her outlandish family, however, and generally approve of your lifestyles. Alice is in love with Tony Kirby but is afraid that their families will never acquire along.

Anthony (Tony) Kirby, Jr.

Anthony (Tony) Kirby, Jr., Alice’s fiancé, fresh out of college and the new vice chairman of his father’s business, wherein Alice works. Tony finds the Sycamores delightful, in comparison to his stodgy family, although, prefer Alice, that is basically a typical person.

Anthony Kirby, Sr.

Anthony Kirby, Sr., Tony’s father. Mr. Kirby is a stereotypical wall surface Street mogul: tired, worried, stiff, and bothered by indigestion. He is at very first appalled through the antics that the Sycamores yet comes to evaluate their “seize the day” attitude.


Rheba, the black maid. Entertaining in her own right, Rheba provides relatively objective comment on the doings that the Sycamores.


Donald, Rheba’s boyfriend. Donald is top top relief and wanders roughly the Sycamore house in his bathrobe, but he, too, appears an ext normal 보다 the white people around him.

Mr. De Pinna

Mr. De Pinna, an iceman who concerned make a delivery eight years earlier, fell under the Sycamores’ spell, and also has stayed ever before since. Mr. De Pinna is Paul’s assistant in the basement fireworks factory and also models because that Penny’s paintings.

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Ed Carmichael Essie\"s husband Ed, together the phase directions inform, is a \"nonedescript young man\" in his thirties. He is a musician and also composer that likes come play the xylophone and ply his profession as an amateur printer. Together a hobby, he offers his hand-press to publish sayings which the comes across in the writings of the revolutionary Russian Communist Leon Trotsky such together \"God Is the State; the State is God.\" Proud of his work, the encloses these printed bills in the boxes with Essie\"s candy. Although Ed prints his slogans simply for the fun of it, your political messages entice the attention of the F.B.I., who think Ed is an insurrectionist...