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"You deserve to Have Her" is a track written by bill Cook. The track was a hit single for Roy Hamilton in 1961 and also Sam Neely in 1974. The has also been taped by plenty of other artists, including Elvis Presley, Waylon Jennings and Jim Ed Brown. In 1961, Roy Hamilton"s version spent 10 mainly on the Billboard warm 100, getting to No. 12, while getting to No. 6 top top Billboard"s hot R&B political parties chart. Through derekwadsworth.com in sweden by Stig Anderson making use of the Stig Rossner pseudonym, the track was recorded by swedish actress and recording artist Anita Lindblom. in English, swedish ("Sån"t är livet"), and German ("Laß dice Liebe aus dem Spiel") and was released together a single in October 1961. "Sån"t är livet" came to be Lindblom"s large break in Sweden, the topped the sweden charts for number of weeks and also sold an ext than 150,000 copies. She likewise performed the tune in the 1961 film by means of fixar allt. The single charted in ~ the Norwegian VG chart because that 22 weeks in 1962 topping the chart for even weeks. Anne-Lie Rydé recorded the song on the 1992 sheathe album Stulna kyssar.more »

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Well, you have the right to have her, ns don"t want her,She didn"t love me anyway.She only wanted someone to pat withBut all I want was love to stay.Well, you acquire stuck through the dorn womanThere"s only one point that you deserve to do:Just destruction a hole and also jump right in it,And traction the ground ideal over you.

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Well, you have the right to have her (you have the right to have her) ns don"t desire her ( ns don"t want her),She didn"t love me (didn"t love me ) quiet (anyway).She just wanted (only wanted) who to play through (one to lay with)But all I wanted (all ns wanted) to be love to continue to be (was love to stay).The girl i love, she, up and also left me,She ran away v my best friend.Comes home at night just for one hourWhen work light come she"s unable to do again.Life without love is mighty empty,But confession"s great for the soul.I"d rather have love that I have the right to cling toThan have actually the world and every one of it"s gold.(You deserve to have her) you deserve to have her, (I don"t desire her) i don"t want her,(She didn"t love you) She didn"t love me, (anyway) anyway.(She just wanted) she only wanted (someone come play with) someone to play with(But all i wanted) Ohh! (Was love to stay) Ohh!You have the right to have her (you have the right to have her)I don"t desire her (I don"t want her)She didn"t love me (didn"t love me) anyway (anyway)She just wanted (only wanted) who to play with (someone come play with)But all I desire (all i want)All I want (all i want)All I want (all i want)All I want (all i want)...

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Roy Hamilton Roy Hamilton (April 16, 1929 – July 20, 1969) to be an American singer, who achieved major success in the us R&B and also pop charts in the 1950s.

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He is ideal known because that his recordings the "You"ll never ever Walk Alone", "Unchained Melody" and "You can Have Her". An ext »