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- You know what your problem is? friend think money grow on trees.

- simply go out, choose you 4 or $500 and also go off and just dance and eat chicken and dance.

- friend just having actually all the fun in the world.

- You know how numerous stinking dogs ns gotta catch... To fill that big ass key you obtained there, boy? Forty-five, 50 dogs.

- Stinking, nasty dogs and 12 that them little stinking things they speak to a chihuahua.

- You far better put part water on that shit, boy.

- all right, I"ll eat it.

- Hey, hey, hey. Take it the garbage out front, son.

- What is wrong through him?

- hurry up through the garbage. I got some much more work for you.

- What"s up, Craig?


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Every time ns come in the kitchen, you in the kitchen... In the goddamn refrigerator... Eat up all the food. All the chicken. All the pig feet.
Oh, I"m hurt. Oh, mine neck. Mine back. Mine neck and my back. Oh.
That"s okay! She"ll it is in back. Another Quaalude, she"ll love me in the morning.
Friday (1995) Sound Clip


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Actors: ice Cube (Craig Jones), kris Tucker (Smokey), john Witherspoon (Willie Jones)

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