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"Your Music"s Bad and You should Feel Bad" is a memorable quote native a 2003 illustration of Futurama. Online, the has become a snowclone ("Your X is Bad and You need to Feel Bad"), most frequently used in picture macro collection featuring the character Zoidberg to dead others because that actions or opinions the someone perceives together negative.

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The phrase "Your Music"s Bad and also You must Feel Bad" was very first uttered in the Futurama episode title "The Devil"s Hands are Idle Playthings,"<5> which an initial aired on respectable 10th, 2003. After fried food trades hands through the Robot Devil, the performs an opera in effort to woo Leela. In the center of the performance, the Robot devil returns and also demands his hands earlier from Fry, or rather the adversary would marry Leela himself. Fried food agrees, and continues the performance, who is now substantially less expert at play the holophoner. Together Fry is playing poorly, Zoidberg criticizes his music native the crowd.

Hedonism Bot: much less reality, an ext fantasy. Resume the opera. Fry: yet I can"t beat anymore!Dr. Zoidberg: Yes you can! The music was in your heart, no your hands. Dr. Zoidberg: your music"s bad and also you should feel bad!


Snowclone derivatives that the phrase have actually been supplied online since as at an early stage as February 2009. On February 5th, 2009, a user the the MetaFilter MetaTalk<3> forums provided "Your tags room bad and you have to feel bad" together the title of a post criticizing various other users who do not properly tag your submissions to MetaFilter. Through July 2009, the snowclone phrase began to appear with a quiet from the Futurama episode featuring Zoidberg attract a tuxedo and bow tie in a thread on the IGN forums.

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In December 2009, "Your vote Is Bad and You should Feel Bad" was supplied as the headline because that a Deadspin<2> story on voting for that year"s All-Star basketball team. In 2010, 2 Facebook pan pages<4><6> were produced for the phrase, gaining less 보다 300 likes between them as of July 2013. A 3rd Facebook fan page<7> was developed in October 2011, accumulation 34 likes together of July 2013. 2 months later, in November, a thread title "Your English is Bad and You should Feel Bad"<8> to be created, mocking various other posters who mixed up the indigenous "your" and "you"re." In march 2012, We understand Memes created an image macro generator<9> using the Zoidberg still, i m sorry has because accrued 451 submissions. Through July 2012, a image Generator<10> web page was additionally created, accruing virtually 600 submissions, and also three separate Quickmeme generators<11><12><13> which have much more than 6,400 submissions amongst them.