This tune goes the end to every my nephews, sons and also lil" cousins, you recognize who you room Mmm... Try to tell you what to look the end for Y"know I acquired your back

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gain yourself a real woman therefore you have the right to be a real guy It"s time to stop playing v girls! You need a woman that will understand get yourself a real woman for this reason you can be a real man It"s time to avoid playing through girls! You need a woman who will know
There to be a time when I was, wildin" out Hangin" with the crowd, talkin" means too loud when I think ago to my, younger days and also my, crazy means that was, simply a phase now I don"t wanna offer you, dorn advice but you, gained one life you can"t, live it double So as soon as you picking you just, take your time Ele-vate her mind, an excellent you"re, gonna uncover
You might be stackin" money, mountain high for this reason they"re, gonna try, shot to, catch your eye but all the glitters boy you, know ain"t gold part would, offer their soul, they"re out, that control and also I"m ain"t sayin" that they"re, all the same however they, all got game i won"t, call no surname So take my word ns wouldn"t lie to you "cause ns love girlfriend nephew, here"s what friend gotta do!

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I, recognize what you need (You require a woman who will) I, know what you need (You need a woman who will) as soon as you get exhausted of play in the sand box desire a woman who"ll love you a totality lot friend need, friend need, you require - you require a woman who will Snoop! (No Pain, No Gain), this life the very same thang to be playin so countless games, gotta discover a slow dame Sooner or later, no later, "cause when he finally date her He"ll love she or either hate her, regroup or re"bilitate she These are some actual fly words from the way one I got my mam in my life, "cause she"s the best one better know it, much better show it, everytime I action in A actual woman do a genuine man, and this is identify Yeah You require a woman who will, you need a woman who will You require a woman who wiiiill Yeah, some of y"all simply triflin"! carry out anything for a little bling bling all of the green and gold diggin", yeah That"s how you do yo" dealin" To every my daughters, the nieces, and also my lil" cousins You recognize I ain"t leavin" you out "cause I know some that y"all it is in tryin the finest you can but listen to this: If you be a actual woman, then you can acquire a real man I"m talkin" come you small girls phone call me execute you understand? If you it is in a real woman, climate you can acquire a real guy I"m talkin" to you tiny girls! phone call me perform you understand? call me carry out you understand? Tell-tell me carry out you understand? all you think around is blowin up ya whistle yet it goes like this: use your wisdom No schizm, no -ism, obtain your very own blow-up-ya-whistle