Who is the lucky girl to be Yang Yang’s girlfriend? Yang Yang has actually not yet announced news concerned his girlfrifinish at current. Yang Yang does not have actually a girlfrifinish yet.

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Yang Yang is an actor who is exceptionally renowned with many type of human being. His appearance is handsome, and his acting abilities are additionally very good.

Although Yang Yang has not officially announced his girlfrifinish, he has actually lots of rumored girlfriends considering that his deyet.


1. Li Qin

Yang Yang and also Li Qin met in 2010 once they were shooting “The Story of the Stone”. In the TV series, Yang Yang played Jia Baoyu and Li Qin played Xue Baochai, who was originally a pair.

Their appearance was the best among the actors. The possibility of their shared attraction is very high.

Yang Yang often took Li Qin to some romantic places. They never seem to be separated in the group photo, Yang Yang liked to stand behind Li Qin. He always took Li Qin together with him as soon as going out. So Li Qin was suspected to be the girlfriend of Yang Yang.

However before, in the last, They have no remained in a connection. Maybe Yang Yang’s occupational schedule is as well complete. In the crew, there are constantly most civilization around. They did not have actually as well much possibility.


2. Crystal Zhang Tianai

Yang Yang once functioned with Crystal Zhang Tianai in the film “I Belonged to You”. Viewers all felt that they were a wonderful CP in the film. It is exposed that they were in love and also acted intimately throughout the shooting of the advertisement.

Yang Yang and Crystal Zhang Tianai were suspected to be in love because of the drama. But after that, tbelow is no even more news about them. This rumored romance also ends.


3. Zheng Shuang

Fans hope that Yang Yang and also Zheng Shuang can be together. Because their sweet performance in “Love O2O” make viewers be impressed!

However, they carry out not have actually also much individual interaction. They are only working connection, The scandal is false.


4. Victoria Song

The rumor of a partnership in between Vicotria Track and also Yang Yang should be known to many type of world. At that time, the media photographed Yang Yang visited Victoria Song’s hotel and was picked up by her assistant. He additionally appeared several times.

Their news has end up being a hit. However before, Victoria Tune denied the romance virtual.

It is suspected that Victoria Song wanted to make the relationship public, however Yang Yang’s team rejected her, so it caused Victoria’s discontent. However before, in response to this statement, there is no evidence.


5. Qiao Xin

The media once pictured Qiao Xin and Yang Yang shopping together in London supermarkets. While on Weibo, Qiao Xin stated that she currently had actually a boyfrifinish. So many type of civilization felt that Qiao Xin remained in a partnership through Yang Yang.

Then a netizen debunked the rumor that the man in the picture was not Yang Yang. Both of them did not make any kind of response. Then the rumors of them were finished.

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Yang Yang’s demands for his girlfrifinish should be incredibly high, and also he is busy in functioning. So tright here is no girlfriend till now!

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yang yang im a large fanPlease try dating zheng shuangUr such a nice coupleIm ur loyal supporter given that i was littleNow im 13