Are you all set to rumble? get ready to throw your boy an amazing wrestling party layout birthday bash with these funny ideas. If your son is a pan of WWE climate a wrestling theme party might be the perfect party idea because that them. Though you probably don’t want to have the children actually wrestling each other at the party over there are loads of other ways to revolve your child"s love the wrestling into a memorable birthday celebration.

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WWE rings Party Theme gamings & IdeasCHAMPIONSHIP Belt Craft


Let each kid make and take residence their really own championship belt!

Create the overlapping belts prior to the party through black handmade foam and Velcro to help fasten it approximately each childs waist. Produce yellow buckles and also write Champion top top each. Permit the children decorate their won buckles making use of gem stones indigenous the handmade store, foam letters to spell the end their names, and WWE logo design print outs.

WWE wrestles Party Theme gamings & IdeasBalloon guy Take Down

This is a funtastic wresting video game that lets youngsters show off their wrestling move by “taking down” the negative guy. The poor guy is make of a pillow instance with cloth strips sewed top top to represent arms and also legs, and also a smaller situation or bag attached for the head. Before each child’s turn the pillow situation must it is in stuffed v balloons (also one in the head area).

The object is because that the son to pop all the balloons in the poor guy as quick as they deserve to by rings it. For fairness, make sure you use the same amount the balloons because that each kids turn. The winner is the person who beat (or in this instance deflated) their adversary in the shortest lot of time.

TIP: A zipper close up door pillow is finest if you have actually one, the keeps the balloons native escaping.

WWE wrestling Party Theme gamings & IdeasPunching Bag


Purchase a WWE punching bag and also let the children take turns offering it their ideal kicks and also punches. This is an additional fun method for the kids to obtain a opportunity off your wrestling skills.

This one I found on Amazon.  I consisted of the connect if you desire to check it out.  ns am no an Amazon affiliate.

WWE wrestles Party Theme gamings & IdeasBad male Smack Down

Instead the a classic Pinata why not have actually a volunteer adult dress up as among the WWE’s poor guy and “steal” the bag of candy and also goodies that you would have put in a piñata. The youngsters must follow him approximately the garden and shot and hit him through a rubber ball. Every time he gets hit he must throw out another handful the candy. As soon as the youngsters stop to collect their yummy reward that escapes. Save playing until all the liquid is gone.

WWE rings Party Theme gamings & IdeasPin the Belt top top the Champion


Younger wrestling fans can play this “pin the tail on the donkey” alternative. You’ll require a poster of your child’s favorite wrestler. Each son will try and pen the championship belt top top the poster if blindfolded. Make belts out of construction record that are proportion to the wrestler on the poster.

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This is a fun wrestling game where the kids get to take part in an every guests royal rumble match. Come play each child clears their shoes and also their right sock. Anyone gets on their hands and also knees and also tries to remove various other players amount say while keeping theirs on. If their sock gets eliminated their out of the game. The player through the last remaining sock top top wins!

Make sure you mark off the “ring” so everyone will know what the playing limits are. This can be done simply, by making use of some type of markers or you have the right to get more elaborate. Fancy example would certainly be to produce your own wrestling ring life dimension replica.

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