FusionProfile Management, performance Management, score Management, and TalentReview: how They job-related Together

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Define Talent Profiles

Profile Management: Explained

Profile management gives a structure fordeveloping and also managing talent profiles that satisfy your market ororganizational requirements. File summarize the qualificationsand skills of a person or a workforce framework such together a project or position.Profiles are an important for tracking workers" skills, competencies,and accomplishments, and also for miscellaneous talent monitoring activities,such as career planning, identifying training needs, power management,and in the recruitment process for identifying job demands andsuitable applicants.

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This subject discusses:

Profile search

Profile comparison

Best-fit analysis

Profile Search

You can search profiles for workers, jobs, and positionswith particular criteria. Because that example, one HR (Human Resources) specialistin London who is spring to fill an applications developer positionfrom in ~ the firm can find for file of all workers whoare based in London and also have endure with Java and PL/SQL.

Profile Comparison

Using the to compare feature, you can compare profilesto identify next career move or training requirements for workers, andidentify perfect candidates for jobs. For example, if john is lookingfor his following career move, he have the right to compare his profile to that of ajob to identify whether his competency ratings complement the targetedcompetency ratings in a task profile. Because that example, if his Teamworkrating is 3 and also the Product Strategy teamwork requirement is 4, hehas a deficiency that -1. John and his manager can use this space to drivedevelopment plans and for other talent management-related functions.

Best-Fit Analysis

Use the best-fit evaluation to determine the personprofile the most closely matches a job profile, or the project profilethat is the best match for a human being profile. For example, if friend aretrying to fill a Developer vacancy, and the task profile calls for aB.S. Degree in computer system Science, level 4 field of expertise coding Java, anda participation rating of at least 3, you can review one automatically-generatedlist that workers who most carefully match this set of requirements. Youcan additionally use the best-fit analysis to find workers who are similarto a selected worker, or jobs that are comparable to a selected job. FusionProfile monitoring Components: just how They work-related Together

You have the right to configure combination Profile Managementto satisfy your business requirements making use of these components: the contentlibrary, profiles and profile types, contents subscribers, educationalestablishments, circumstances qualifier sets, and also rating models.

This figure illustrates how the components of ProfileManagement fit together.


Content Library

The content library offers the foundation for profiles as itstores both contenttypes and contentitems.

Profile Types

Profile types are templates the you usage to createprofiles. Profile varieties determine whether the file is for a personor for a workforce structure such together a job or a position, and thecontent that the profile. You choose content species from the contentlibrary to produce content sections for the profile type.


You produce person profiles for individual workersand model profiles for workforce structures, such together a work or positions.The info that you finish for the profile is established byhow the profile kind has been set up. For example, a human profilemight save on computer information about a person"s education, language skills,competencies, and activities and interests. A project profile might containinformation about the requirements for the job, such together competencies, languageskills, degrees, or certifications.

Content Subscribers

Content subscribers room applications exterior to derekwadsworth.comFusion Profile administration that use content types.

Educational Establishments

You can define educationalestablishments for employees to use when they include education information,such as degrees, to their profile.

Instance Qualifier Sets

You assign circumstances qualifiers to content types. Instancequalifier set uniquely recognize multiple instances of a content itemon a profile. For example, if multiple civilization update a performancerating for a competency ~ above a worker"s profile, instance qualifiersprovide a distinctive identifier to each circumstances of the competency sothat you can determine who detailed each rating.

Rating Models

When you create content varieties in the contents library,you can connect rating models to identify the scale for measuringperformance and proficiency. You can additionally use rating models to measurethe risk and impact of loss for workers, and to measure their potential. FusionProfile Management, performance Management, goal Management, and also TalentReview: just how They work Together combination Profile management supportstalent management service processes in these products: combination Performance Management blend Goal Management blend Talent Review blend Performance Management blend Performance monitoring uses the rating models thatyou define in Profile monitoring to price workers on your performance.When you specify a performance paper template, you deserve to specify whetherthe ratings and also comments from managers and workers space uploaded automaticallyto workers" profiles once the performance record is finalized. Instance qualifiersets differentiate the manager ratings from the workers" selfratings. Power Management additionally uses competencies native the content library inperformance documents. fusion Goal Management

You can set up a content type relationship betweenthe objectives content kind and various other content types, such as the Competencies content type andthe Memberships content type. Utilizing these relationships, you can thenset up target outcomes because that goals. Target outcomes are the contents items withinthe content type that is related to the goals content type. Because that example,if you set up a relationship in between the goals content type and theCompetencies contents type, employees can add a target result of a specificcompetency to their goals. In this case, the specific competency isthe contents item in ~ the Competencies contents type. Once workerscomplete the goal, their profiles room updated to include the competency. combination Talent Review combination Talent testimonial uses info fromthe Performance and also Potential and also Risk of lose sections in ~ a worker"sprofile to develop the analytics the are component of the talent reviewprocess. These sections are defined as content varieties within the contentlibrary and included in the person profile type. When a talent reviewis complete, workers" profiles space updated immediately with theperformance and also potential ratings given throughout calibration discussions. Circumstances qualifiersets allow you to differentiate the talent review rating fromratings offered by the worker"s manager, a peer, or possibly the worker"sself-evaluation.

Define Talent file Settings

Profile ManagementLookups: Explained

This topic identifies common lookups thatare profile management-related and also have user or extensible customizationlevels. Evaluation these lookups, and also update them as appropriate to suitenterprise requirements.

Profile administration Lookups

Profile administration lookups are described in the followingtable.

Lookup Type


Customization Level


Codes to identify where the content kind originated,such together from the client or native a third party. HR professionals assignsupplier password when setting up new content types.



Types that competency ratings, such together self, supervisor,and peer. Evaluation varieties are supplied in instance qualifier sets toidentify the function of the human being who noted a competency rating fora worker.



Required level of education and learning for a task or positionprofile, such together a Bachelor"s degree or master degree.



Time periods for once a worker would prefer to makea career move. Workers choose a expression for your career move inthe career preferences details on the job planning card.



Types of education and learning that a degree provides, such asa Bachelor"s degree or one year college. HR professionals use educationlevels when developing content items in the levels content type.



Values because that the prominence level that each content type.Importance worths are provided in the best-fit evaluation calculation.



Values for categories the notes, such as external,internal, and so on.



Frequencies in ~ which a worker is paid. Employees specifya wanted pay frequency as soon as they modify their work needs onthe experience and qualifications card.



Time durations in i beg your pardon a worker will be all set for advancementto a specified task or position profile. Managers and also human resource(HR) experts use readiness levels when editing the talent ratingsinformation ~ above workers" job planning cards.



Reasons because that why a worker is at hazard for leaving thecompany. Managers and HR professionals use danger reasons once editingthe talent ratings info on workers" job planning cards.



Methods by which things such as a competency is verified,such as assessment or demonstration. Managers and HR experts usethese values to identify the an approach that was provided to advice theproficiency of a worker in a particular skill or quality.



Codes for the priority of a task, such together High, Medium,and therefore on. Talent testimonial facilitators specify a priority when assigningtasks throughout a talent review.



Categories that tasks, such together Preparation, Presentation,and so on. Talent evaluation facilitators clues a task type when assigningtasks throughout a talent review.



Percentages the time a worker is supposed to travelfor a task or position, because that example, 25 percent or 50 percent. Managersand HR specialists specify the compelled travel frequency on job andposition profiles. Workers also specify a travel frequency when theyedit your work demands on the experience and also qualificationscar



Periods that time for which content items such as licensesand certifications space valid. Managers and human source (HR) specialistsselect validity periods when setting up content items because that the Licensesand Certifications content type.



Work days because that a task or position, such together Monday throughFriday. Managers and HR specialists specify the expected occupational dayson job and also position profiles.



Work hours for a project or position, such as 9:00 5:00 p.m. Managers and also HR professionals specify the expected workhours top top job and also position profiles.

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Value Sets: Explained

A value set is a collection of valid values that you entrust to a flexfield segment.

An finish user start a value into a flexfield segmentwhile using the application. The flexfield validates the segment againstthe set of valid worths that girlfriend configured as a value collection and assignedto the segment.

For example, you can specify a forced format, suchas a 5 digit number, or a perform of valid values, such together green,red, and blue.

Flexfield segments room usually validated, and also typicallyeach segment in a provided flexfield supplies a different value set. Youcan entrust a single value set to an ext than one segment, and you canshare worth sets among different flexfields.