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Phonetic picture DictionaryTheme Pages derekwadsworth.com ST: Consonant Blend more Blends native FamiliesSpelling ActivitiesSome indigenous that begin with st:
stabstablestackstadiumstaffstagstage staggerstairstakestalactitestalagmitestalestalk stallstallionstampstandstaplerstarstatic steaksteamstemstepsteepsticksticker stingstomachstonestoolstoopstopstore stormstorystovestudentstubstudstumpstun St Worksheets: words That start With StA Printable activity BookA short, printable book about an easy words that begin with St -- for early readers. The book has pages because that the student to reduced out, objects to color, and also short phrases come copy (like "Star starts v st."). The native include: stamp, stapler, star, starfish, statue, steak, steam, stem, stick, stingray, stone, stool, stop, stork, strawberry, and stump.Match Words starting With ST: Printable WorksheetDraw lines between each word starting with "st" and its picture. The words are: star, stamp, strawberry, stool, stump, statue, avoid sign, Stegosaurus, starfish, stapler. Or go to the answers.Circle "St" WordsCircle 10 words that start with St. The words room strawberry, starfish, star, stapler, stamp, statue, Stegosaurus, stump, stool, and stop sign. Or walk to the answers.Write Eight words That begin With StThink of and write eight native that start with st. Then, because that each word, create a sentence comprise the word. Sample answers: sty, stay, stamp, stop, stall, stem, stare, sting.Missing letter in Words beginning With Consonant Blends and Digraphs: STFind the missing letters in words starting with st, and then shade the photo of the word.

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The words space star, stamp, steak, statue, starfish, stool, stapler, stop, Stegosaurus, stump. Or walk to the answers.

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