Literature is a perfect enjoy of the culture during the time. Through looking in ~ a literature work we can see how a society structures and also the duties of human being within the society. Throughout countless centuries, over there is picture that is hardly let go in literary works work: the photo of woman. They have been defined in many different ways and roles: sometimes, they are the significant (main character) of the story but sometimes, lock are just the minor. They space the origin, motivation of evolution who convey learning and also wisdom. Not only so, they have the power to affect and adjust the history. Moreover, castle are always given a really sacred duty which is gift a good mother. In this blog, we will certainly be assessing the duties of women through two an excellent old texts: The epic of Gilgamesh and The Hebrew Bible from Genesis.

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From the start of this world, mrs was born to offer a an extremely sacred duty i beg your pardon is to bear her child. This function was obviously stated in The Hebrew Bible – Genesis 4 once the God curses Woman

“I will certainly terribly sharpen your birth pangs, in pain shall you bear children” Gen.4.

Not only in this current culture but additionally from the old texts, women have actually been defined as a very great mother.


“In Sumerian mythology, Ninsun or Ninsuna (“lady wild cow”) is a goddess, ideal known as the mom of the legend hero Gilgamesh, and as the tutelary goddess that Gudea that Lagash.” Wikipedia

The an initial mother the we must talk about is Ninsun. Ninsun gift in the story as Gilgamesh’s mother and also she is a really supportive mommy which reveals in the way she watches the end for and takes treatment of her son. She is extremely devoted to her child and always supports him with his journeys. Us can clearly see this once she make the efforts to placed in a an excellent word for her child in front of Shamash before Gilgamesh and Endiku’s pursuit to slay Humbaba (Tablet III). Even when it saddens Ninsun the Gilgamesh is taking on the quest to slay Humbaba, she quiet goes to ask Shamash for aid which then contributes come Gilgamesh’s winning. So, there is no the treatment of love mother, Ninsun, Humbaba can not have been slayed. She is defined as a really caring and responsive mother.

Another woman that was additionally described together a very committed mother is Rebekah – mommy to Jacob and also Esau (Gen.27). Also she seems to be unfair to Esau, she transforms out to it is in a an extremely fair mommy in balancing support for she children. When Esau it s okay his father’s favorite, Rebekah makes it fair to Jacob by her consistent support. V the love of a mother, she totally committed to her child – Jacob by guiding him what he need to do to obtain his dad blessing prior to he dies. She helps Jacob to cook Isaac’s favorite enjoy the meal which ultimately helps Jacob obtain his dad trust. Those two mothers are the wonderful mother who constantly think of your children. Since of your children, they can do everything which also hurts them. They display us how the duty of gift a great mother deeply continues to be in a woman’s spirit which never ever disappears throughout the time.


“Jacob and also Rebekah (illustration from a bible card released 1906 by the Providence Lithograph Company)”

Not just being a an excellent mother, females in those old texts was additionally described together the one who conveys learning and also wisdom. In fact, this old texts all show this duty of woman. The very important detail we should notice which suggests this women’s role in The Hebrew Bible is when Eva was the one who ate the fruit indigenous the tree of knowledge first. (Gen.4). This moment shows an idea: even prior to getting knowledge, mrs is the one who is expected to keep and convey learning and knowledge. Eva’s action of pursuing Adam come eat the fruit from the tree that knowledge have the right to be checked out as activity of send knowledge, even they at some point get punished from the God.

In the epic Of Gilgamesh, Shamhat need to be a typical example. She is sent to tame the wild-man Enkidu and also bring him ago to person society. Prior to taking about what she had actually done, let’s photo what if she no exist, what should have actually changed? Enkidu is vital character, who will along with King Gilgamesh go through future adventures and also he is additionally the one reasons Gilgamesh to discover the immortality that life. As soon as recognizing how important Enkidu is, we need to admit the the one who brought him back from the nature, offered him the opportunity to fulfill Gilgamesh, dram a much more important function – she is Shamhat.


What walk she do? She go out into wilderness whereby she “stripped off her robe and lay over there naked <….>.For 7 days, Enkidu do love v her”. In fact, the sex act leads Enkidu right into masculine manhood and also signals a break v the uncivilized. She fed that a human being meal and clothes him. What she had done is she educates him, conveys learning to wake mankind inside Enkidu up. She mission is to lug him ago to human-kind and she actually wants him to find out “how to live”.

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The following woman in The epos of Gilgamesh who additionally conveys the wisdom of life is the tavern-keeper, Siduri who lives at the end of the earth. She just shows up in a short period but she theatre a significant role in transforming the whole story’s wisdom. She is the one who untie the node of the story. Her photo in the story to represent wisdom and also she actually appears as a an excellent educator not only to Gilgamesh but likewise to the reader. After ~ the fatality of Enkidu, Gilgamesh realizes the limitation of human-kind and also he looks because that a method of immortality. The met Siduri and raises his question about the immortality the life. Shiduri speak him


“Siduri Sabitu (the tavern keeper)”

“Let her stomach it is in full,always it is in happy, night and also day,make every day a delight,night and also day play and dance.Your garments should be clean,your head have to be washed,you should be bathe in water.Look proud on the small one holding her hand.Let your mate be constantly blissful in your lions.This, then, is the job-related of mankind.” (Tablet X).

It must be the on purpose of the writer when creating this text. How can a woman deserve to understand this simply definition of life while a great King like Gilgamesh who needs to go with many challenges in stimulate to uncover it? She encourages him to put away his grief and fully enjoy life since the eternal life that he is seeking for is unrealistic. That is a yes, really beautiful work-related of writer in picking a mrs as photo of wisdom.  

There is one thing for certain that we deserve to not live in this world without women. Follow to the two old texts – the epos of Gilgamesh and also The Hebrew Bible, we have the right to see how vital women room in those old time. They are the origin, catalyst of development who convey learning and also wisdom. Not only so, lock are constantly given a an extremely sacred duty i m sorry is being a an excellent mother.