Ms. Cooper was recorded on video clip calling the police after ~ Christian Cooper asked she to keep her dog on a leash in central Park.

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When Amy Cooper, a white woman, dubbed 911 from an isolated job in main Park whereby she was standing v her unleashed dog top top Memorial Day, she stated an “African-American man” was threatening her, emphasizing his gyeongju to the operator.

Moments prior to Ms. Cooper make the call, the man, Christian Cooper, an avid bird-watcher, had actually asked her to leash her dog, and she had refused.

On Monday, Ms. Cooper was charged through filing a false report, a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, the latest fallout from an encounter the resonated throughout the country and provoked intense discussions about how Black world are harmed when sham reports to the police are made about them by white people.

Video of the encounter that Mr. Cooper shoot on his phone has been viewed an ext than 40 million times. It to be widely viewed as a startling and also sobering example of racial mindsets in new York City, i m sorry prides itself on that supposedly steady ideals.


Video reflects White woman Calling Police on Black guy in main Park

The footage reflects Amy Cooper call the police on Christian Cooper in main Park after that asked her to keep her dog top top a leash. The video was post to Twitter through Mr. Cooper’s sister.

Amy Cooper: “Would you please stop? Sir, I’m questioning you to stop.” Christian Cooper: “Please don’t come close to me.” “Sir, I’m asking you to stop recording.” “Please nothing come close to me.” “Please turn your call off.” “Please nothing come close to me.” “If you’re taking pictures, i’m calling the cops.” “Please, please call the cops. Please call the cops.” “I’m going to tell them there’s one African-American guy threatening mine life.” “Please phone call them everything you like.” “Excuse me. Ns sorry. Ns in the Ramble, and also there’s a man, African-American, . He is record me, and also threatening me and also my dog. Over there is one African-American male — ns am in central Park. That is recording me, and also threatening myself and also my dog. Ns sorry. I can’t hear friend either. I’m being intimidated by a man in the Ramble. Please send the cops immediately. Ns in central Park in the Ramble — ns don’t know.” Christian Cooper: “Thank you.”

The footage reflects Amy Cooper call the police top top Christian Cooper in main Park after the asked her to save her dog top top a leash. The video clip was posted to Twitter by Mr. Cooper’s sister.

The pending criminal charge against Ms. Cooper appears to be amongst the very first that a white human in the United claims has challenged for wrongfully call the police to do a complaint around a black person.

“We are strongly cursed to stop perpetrators the this command accountable,” stated Cyrus R. Vance Jr., the Manhattan district attorney.

Ms. Cooper, that was authorize a desk appearance ticket ~ above Monday, is scheduled to be arraigned on Oct. 14. If convicted, she might receive a conditional discharge or be sentenced come community organization or counseling rather than jail time.

Ms. Cooper can not be reached for discuss Monday, but her lawyer, Robert Barnes, said in a statement the she would be uncovered not guilty and also he criticize what he referred to as a “cancel society epidemic” because that a rush to judgment.

“She lost her job, she home, and also her windy life,” Mr. Barnes said. “Now some demand her freedom? How plenty of lives room we walk to destroy over misunderstood 60-second videos on social media?”

Mr. Cooper, who has expressed deep ambivalence about the severity of the public response to Ms. Cooper’s actions, claimed on Monday that he “had zero involvement” in the ar attorney’s case versus her.

Asked to discuss the pending charge, that said, “I have no reaction.”

People are rarely charged through filing a false police report, legal professionals said, due to the fact that the authorities perform not desire to discourage the report of crimes and because it deserve to be challenging to prove that a person made a false report knowingly.

But specialists said the the evidence in the case versus Ms. Cooper was strong and that it could have broader implications in other instances that white world making false police reports versus Black people.

“To the degree that this woman was arguably deploying gyeongju stereotypes and also weaponizing them, it will make world think twice,” claimed Nancy Gertner, a Harvard legislation School professor and a retired commonwealth judge. “It is a large deal.”

Lucy Lang, a former Manhattan prosecutor and the director of the institute for development in Prosecution in ~ the john Jay university of Criminal Justice, said that filing a false report was “a really troubling crime.”

Adding gyeongju to the equation, she added, produced “just an pure recipe for a tragic disaster.”

In a separate move meant to address the problem of Black human being being falsely reported to the police, brand-new York state lawmakers approved law last month that permits people “a exclusive right the action” if they believe someone dubbed a police officer ~ above them due to the fact that of your race, gender, nationality or other safeguarded class.

The confrontation between Ms. Cooper and Mr. Cooper, who are not related, occurred when she encountered him in the Ramble, a semi-wild area where dogs should be leashed and hers was not.

Mr. Cooper claimed he request Ms. Cooper to leash her dog. When she refused, that said, he tried to tempt the dog v treats in really hopes of compelling her to restrain she pet.

The conference turned ugly when Ms. Cooper called Mr. Cooper that she was calling the police and also that she planned to tell them an African-American guy was threatening her life.

Mr. Cooper’s camera captured what happened next.

“I’m in the Ramble, over there is a man, African-American, he has actually a bike helmet and he is record me and threatening me and my dog,” Ms. Cooper, gripping she dog’s collar tightly, states in a hysterical ton to the 911 operator.

Then, before ending the call, she adds, “I am being intimidated by a guy in the Ramble, you re welcome send the cops immediately!”

Mr. Cooper, 57, a Harvard graduate that works in communications, has actually long been a influential birder in the city and also is on the plank of the new York City Audubon Society.

Shortly after video of the episode went viral, Ms. Cooper surrendered she dog, Henry, to the cocker spaniel rescue team she had adopted him from 2 years earlier. She and the dog have because been reunited.

Ms. Cooper, 41, who had been a head of insurance portfolio monitoring at Franklin Templeton, to be fired native her job after the confrontation through Mr. Cooper.

She additionally issued a public apology and tried to define her response.

“I reaction emotionally and also made false assumptions about his intentions when, in fact, i was the one that was exhilaration inappropriately by not having actually my dog on a leash,” Ms. Cooper claimed in the statement.

She included that as soon as Mr. Cooper stated she would not like what he to be “going to execute next” and also then readily available her dog treats, she presume he to be threatening her. Mr. Cooper claimed the comment was just meant come signal that he planned to offer the treats.

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“I assumed we were gift threatened when all he had intended to execute was document our conference on his phone,” Ms. Cooper said.