If Christopher Nolan is willing, Hollyhardwood would certainly certainly want to make Interstellar 2. The original movie grossed $678 million at the international box office and won an Osautomobile for Best Visual Effects. Any potential sequel would certainly be a moneymaker. What’s not clear is just how interested Christopher Nolan is in making it. More on that in a minute.

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What we understand for currently is that this resource claims Interstellar 2 is presently in advancement. What’s more Warner Brothers desires Christopher Nolan earlier to direct and also are proactively working to gain him on board. Ideally they desire him to write and direct again, but they could be willing to resolve for having actually him simply work on composing the manuscript.

When it involves Interstellar 2, probably the the majority of necessary question is would you want it to happen? Writer/director extraordinaire Christopher Nolan carried audiences the sci-fi movie Interstellar ago in 2014 and because that time, talk (or hope) has actually circled about whether need to be a sequel. Should there?



Before pointing out Interstellar 2, let’s set the stage. The original movie, co-written by Nolan (The Prestige, Memento) and also his brother Jonathan (The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises), tells the story of an Earth struggling to survive. Astronauts, led by Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathameans, are sent out right into area in wishes to find a residence for humanity. Their ship, the Endurance, is transferring 5,000 frozen human embryos as soon as it travels via a wormhole near Sarotate. Their goal is to watch if one of 2 plans will certainly produce a viable earth to live.

In typical Nolan fashion, shit hits the fan, and stays are shed. Also, in typical Chris Nolan fashion, the story requires time manipulation. Younger and older versions of the very same personalities appear, all trying to save each other. The astronauts are carried to a planet that a previous astronaut reported it was habitable. They find out that the earth isn’t however were lugged tbelow to conserve the astronaut.

The movie had actually some things to say, the Nolan brothers prove that in the nearly three-hour runtime, yet ultimately many type of assumed the movie lacked the killer instinct some of Christopher Nolan movies from the past had. While the finishing provided an emotional punch, does it need Interstellar 2?



Obviously, if we are talking Interstellar 2, Christopher Nolan demands to be involved. Similar to many of his movies (or perhaps all), Nolan has had actually a hand also in creating or co-writing each one. So, expect him to likewise pen any kind of potential sequel. Also, suppose his brother to be connected in some way via the manuscript.

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Howver, various other than the Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan has actually steered clear of sequels. That would seem to make the likelihood of Interstellar 2 happening a stretch.

For his part, Nolan has stayed tight-lipped about a feasible Interstellar 2, though he has been approached many type of times concerning one and also fans have actually been clamoring for one pretty much since the initially movie premiered. This doesn’t intend Nolan hasn’t provided it some believed, but he has actually never been one to talk about his future tasks or also current jobs for that issue.



Which actors could come back for Interstellar 2 relies on what direction Chris Nolan would certainly desire to take the story. Given Nolan’s reputation we can conveniently see Matthew McConaughey and Hathamethod rerevolve if the story was a solid one. When Sky News asked McConaughey around Interstellar 2 he had this to say: “It’s possible, I’d need to go through the due diligence I constantly do – script, director and so on however it’s possible.”

We might just as likely watch Matt Damon return for Interstellar 2 if Nolan were to pick up the story prior to the events of the Endurance.

If Chris Nolan made a decision to have McConaughey’s child as the main character, obviously an older actor would need to portray him.



After the emotional ending where McConaughey’s Joseph Cooper is reunited with his daughter (currently a lot older than he), she convinces him to return to Anne Hathaway’s Amelia Brand also and the planet she found as habitable. That is wright here we are left, via Cooper flying off to sign up with Brand also.

So, where would Interstellar 2 pick up? Would Cooper arrive at the world and also begin his romance through Brand? Could Nolan go the prequel/sequel path and tell the story of the astronauts (which include Matt Damon) that came before the Endurance? Perhaps Nolan would follow Tom, who is the boy of McConaughey’s character. Tbelow are possibilities here.