If your ex girlfriend won’t speak to you, what you should do is take a step earlier and think about the ways you can be turning her off.

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In many cases, when a guy says, “My ex girlfriend won’t talk to me,” I have the right to usually guess: v what he’s been doing wrong.

For example: below are three standard mistakes that cause an ex girlfriend no wanting to talk to her former boyfriend…

Mistake 1: Sending way too many emotional texts or messages


When a break up happens, it’s common for a mrs to desire to put some distance between herself and also her ex boyfriend.

She wants to shot to obtain him off she mind and also calm she feelings therefore she can think straight and also work out whether or no she wants to be through him at all. She will try her finest to prevent calling him, text massage him or seeing him in human being as much as possible.

For her, having actually that an are helps her begin to move on v her life, go out to party v friends and maybe even flirt through some new guys to do herself feel better.

Yet, for the man who has been dumped, not being maybe to it is in in contact with his ex girlfriend feels horrible. He worries about her kissing, having sex with and also falling in love with one more guy. He desires to stay on she mind, not out of her mind, for this reason he texts and also messages she as regularly as the can. Yet, the more he texts and also messages her, the an ext she starts to neglect him.

When the happens, his messages regularly become much more desperate…

“Why won’t you talk to me?”“Why space you act this? Don’t you remember the great times? I stated that I would certainly change. Just give me a possibility to speak to you.”“Please forgive me, i didn’t typical to ache you.”“Are you gaining my messages?”“I said I’m sorry. You re welcome don’t ignore me…”“I can’t live without you.”“I don’t understand what I’m going to perform if you are not in my life. Ns don’t desire to live anymore. Please answer the phone and talk to me!”

Unfortunately, those types of messages simply push one ex girlfriend away even further. Why? Women room attracted come the emotional toughness of men and also turned off by the weakness.

Emotional text messages never ever make one ex girlfriend feel more attraction and respect because that a guy. Instead, they simply make she feel prefer her ex-boyfriend needs her for his emotional security and also stability, i beg your pardon is something the women room instinctively turned off by.

Another factor why sending emotional text messages come an ex-girlfriend is a trouble is that she needs to GUESS in ~ what emotional state he is once he sends out the message.

She can’t view his human body language, hear to his ton of voice and also assess his overall attitude and also vibe via text, therefore she needs to guess how he would be thinking, behaving and also acting if he said something choose that to she in person.

During a break up, a woman will almost always assume that her ex-boyfriend is being insecure, desperate and needy, fairly than guessing the he is emotion confident and emotionally for sure at the time of sending out the message.

If you desire to gain your ex girl friend to talk to girlfriend again, the just text blog post that you should be sending out her is one that arranges to acquire her talk to friend on the phone.

When she’s talking to you on the phone, she deserve to hear her confident, emotionally secure ton of voice and also ask concerns if she doesn’t understand what you mean.

If you want to go from saying, “My ex girlfriend won’t speak to me” come “I’m conference up with my girl friend tomorrow,” then don’t waste time sending messages the are just going to make her even much more irritated through you. Get her on the PHONE and arrange a satisfy up whereby you can regain her respect and attraction for you by mirroring her that you’ve changed.

Mistake 2: Not understanding the actual reason why she damaged up v him

Your girlfriend would certainly have provided you some factors why she damaged up v you, but a woman will hardly ever tell girlfriend the real reasons.

After offering a guy with some subtle reasons, a woman is much more likely come say something like, “I require some space,” “I simply don’t feel the same means about you anymore,” or “I just don’t want to it is in in a partnership anymore.”

She viewpoints it that method because she doesn’t desire to have actually to address how a man would reaction if she claimed something like, “You’re just not enough of a man for me” or “You behave prefer a mrs at times” or “You don’t make me feel girly, sexy and also turned on. I feel like more of a girlfriend to you due to the fact that you’re for this reason neutral around me.”

She also doesn’t want to teach her boyfriend just how to be the man she needs. Instead, she wants him to know what come do, because unless he figures out what went wrong by himself, he will just lug on making the exact same mistakes over and also over again and also she’ll have to be his teacher (or “mother figure”) for life.

A guy have the right to make all kinds of guarantees to his ex, however unless he can work out exactly how to make her feeling the method that she really wants to feel when in a relationship, she i will not ~ be interested in noþeles he needs to say.

In she mind, he just won’t understand what she yes, really needs and also she won’t desire to have to teach him. If that can’t work-related it out on his own, many women would certainly rather reduced their casualty and shot to find an additional man that understands.

Feeling confused and not discovering what else to do, some guys call their ex girlfriend and say things like, “Please tell me what i did wrong and I promise that ns change” or “I will execute anything you desire me to. Just tell me what to do and also I’ll carry out it.”

In the guy’s mind, that is just trying to perform the right thing. He loves his ex-girlfriend and also is willing to do whatever it takes, but she merely isn’t willing to teach him. He will certainly wonder why his ex girlfriend suddenly stops wanting to talk to him and just won’t make any kind of sense.

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So, before you execute anything else, it’s vital to know why she damaged up through you so the you deserve to fix those things before you contact her.