Do girlfriend love hats? Or has actually someone suggested that friend experiment with a hat throughout chemo since it looks so stylish? go for it! Hats room right back in fashion and also they offer your watch a real dash of style. Yet bear in mind the a wool or feeling winter hat can feel scratchy against your scalp. On warm summer days, your sensitive skin can soon get irritated under your lovely straw boater. However that’s simple to fix: stay a light cap or scarf underneath!


Chemo sleep caps: soft and also discreet

Yes, that’s right: you have the right to wear her chemo sleep cap under her hat throughout the day as well. Her sensitive scalp can certainly use one extra great of comfort during chemo, in a neutral or fun colour or print. The point is that simple hats are not designed to be worn directly versus the scalp. They often have a band, ribbon or stitching ~ above the within that may irritate her skin. The material itself can additionally make your skin feel itchy: wool or felt because that winter hats, or the straw or file used because that sunhats in summer. In the case, our chemo hats with a soft finish come straight to the rescue!

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A chemo bandana through a node at the nape of her neck: appropriate on trend

Meet the lightest chemo head scarf in ours collection: Audrey.

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A feather-light bandana tied in ~ the neck with one or two straightforward knots. Finished there is no abrasive stitching or elastic, in a light and also airy noodle mix. The perfect head wrap come wear under her trendy straw boater or super-feminine panama cap this summer. Wear the node nice and also low in ~ the nape of your neck, due to the fact that an extra section of cloth at the earlier makes sure this chemo head wrap sufficiently covers her hairline. Wraps that sit also high on your neck will certainly leave your neck uncovered, i beg your pardon is not a good look and may make you feel less confident.

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Simply leave the two brief ties peeking the end from under your hat, to produce a fashionable, feminine touch. Easily accessible in hard colours and a choice of trendy, colourful prints.