Medically the review by Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI — written by Amanda Barrell on July 16, 2020

Most human being are acquainted with having actually swollen or puffy eye from crying or sleeping. In many cases, liquid retention in the tissue around the eyes is responsible.

The clinical term for the skin around the eyes looking puffy or swollen is “periorbital puffiness.” The reason is commonly edema, swelling caused by the retention of fluid, which deserve to occur as result of crying or during sleep.

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This puffiness normally goes away on that own, though a person deserve to take measures to mitigate the swelling.

Below, find out why crying or resting can reason swollen, puffy eyes, and find tips because that reducing the swelling. We additionally look right into health difficulties that can reason this issue and also when to check out a doctor.

Why go crying reason swollen eyes?

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The body renders three species of tears. Basal tears room in the eye every the time. They lubricate, nourish, and also protect the front of the eye. The body creates the second type, reflex tears, to wash away irritants such as smoke or international bodies.

Usually, once tears have done their job, they circulation into the back of the nose through the tear ducts. This are tiny drainage channels in the within corners of each eye.

When we cry, we tend to make a lot of tears. These room “emotional tears,” the 3rd type. The volume overwhelms the drainage system, resulting in tears come spill the end of the eyes and also nose. As the body works to reabsorb the liquid, that retains part in the tissue under the eyes, do the area puffy.

Why go sleeping reason swollen eyes?

During the day, the human body is continuous making and blinking away basal tears. This keeps the eyes clean and nourished.

Our bodies perform not protect against making tears once we space asleep, but we perform stop blinking. This way that a class of tears continues to be on the eye, without being drained with the tear ducts.

Sometimes, this excess liquid is reabsorbed right into the tissues around the eyes, bring about swelling.

Tips because that reducing the swelling

The adhering to are part tips and remedies for handling puffy eyes. Please keep in mind that clinical studies in this area are limited, and also most of this tips and also remedies are from anecdotal evidence. Castle may have actually no effect, or the impact may different from person to person.

Tea bags

A human might try soaking two bags the caffeinated tea in heat water, then placing them in the fridge until they cool. Then, a person could close your eyes and also place one tea bag on each for about 5 minutes. The reasoning is the the caffeine in the tea constricts the blood vessels, to reduce the swelling.

Hemorrhoid cream

Hemorrhoid cream might reduce the appearance of puffiness through tightening the skin. Mixing the cream with moisturizer can make the cream’s smell an ext palatable.

Eye cream

Using eye creams v anti-inflammatory ingredients, such together glycerin, vitamin C, and shea butter, might assist reduce puffiness.

Cucumber slices

Cucumbers contain antioxidants that can help reduce irritation and soothe swollen eyes. A person might try placing a part of cold cucumber end each eye for 30 minutes.


Potatoes contain an enzyme that can aid ease swelling. A person could grate 2 tablespoons of life potato, placed the gratings right into two empty tea bags, then location them on your closed eyelids.

Cool compress

Placing a cool washcloth, or stop a bag that frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel over the eye may help reduce the built up fluid responsible for the puffiness.


A human being could shot holding two clean metal teaspoons under cold to run water because that a few minutes, then placing the bottom the the spoons’ cups over your eyelids because that 30–60 seconds.

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Cold rub

Gently rubbing the swollen organization may assist drain the gathered fluid. First, a person should hold their fingers under really cold water. Then, starting at the inner corners that the eyes, press down on the skin, moving the fingers until they reach the external corners. Repeat this process until the eyes look and feel less swollen.

Diet and lifestyle

The complying with strategies may aid reduce puffiness approximately the eyes:

drinking plenty of wateravoiding alcoholcutting earlier on salt — i m sorry can reason the human body to retain fluidusing antihistamines come treat any allergies that can be contributing come puffiness