Why go Brazil begin a road building and construction program?A)to connect commercial farmsB)to connect Brasilia with various other regionsC)to connect coastal citiesD) to construct trade networks

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by TomCruiseEmulous of fame (first)
by TomCruiseEmulous of call (first)
A man and a woman go into a crowded room whereby many people they have actually seen before are present. The man and also the woman enter the room separately, yet only one of them enters to a music serenade. One more man speaks to each of them because that a couple of minutes once the two obtain together in the room. The crowd has been quiet because that the many part, and also the familiar human being seem to be in a happy mood, but when the man and also the woman leaving the room, they find the group is now exterior waiting for them. As soon as the crowd sees the man and the woman, they start shouting and throwing food at the two as they shot to depart the area. What was going top top here, and also why walk the crowd pelt the man and the woman v food?
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by 10thGuruParagon the Genius
by 10thGuruParagon of Genius
Why did the Bretton Woods Institution start to shift its attention much more towards occurring countries?
Why walk Gandhiji begin fast unto death when Dr. B.R Ambedkar demanded different electorate for Dalits?
Why did the roman inn Catholic Church begin to save an index of prohibited publications from the mid 16th century?
A guy was advertise his auto along the road once he pertains to a hotel. He shouts "I"m bankrupt!" Why walk the guy shout that out?
Two blondes were going to disneyland and also came to a fork in the road. One method said highway 93 right and the other said Disneyland left.Why walk the blondes go home?
Two sentries were on duty exterior a barracks. One challenged up the road to watch because that anyone approaching native the North. The various other looked down the road to watch if anyone approached from the South. Suddenly among them stated to the other, "Why are you smiling?" exactly how did he recognize that his companion was smiling?

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