It is v the heaviest of understanding that animal Adventure Park announces the significant loss of our beloved April the Giraffe. Euthanasia was carried out in ~ April’s home in Harpursville this morning, because of her worsening arthritis, in accordance v the recommendations of her veterinary team. Us grieve v her many fans, near and far, as we speak goodbye to the giraffe that deserve to be credited with making a foothold because that giraffe and also giraffe conservation awareness in the 21st century.

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Memorial because that April the Giraffe at pet Adventure Park

April the Giraffe ended up being a viral sensation and household surname in 2017, win admirers around the world as the world watched her labor and also delivery v bated breath via a YouTube live stream. Because then, April has been just one of the world most renowned animals, and also in turn, has made a profound affect on giraffe conservation, education and appreciation. While her hoofprints in her yard will certainly erode in time, the imprint she has actually made top top the understanding of people around the human being will never fade.


At the celebrated age of two decades old, April was in her golden years, with the captive monitoring life expectancy averaging 20-25 years, much greater than the typical lifespan that 10-15 years in the wild. Us credit and thank the outstanding cumulative care provided by the park’s veterinarians and animal treatment team with maintaining April happy and healthy during her more than five year continue to be at pet Adventure.

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Both teams have actually made every feasible effort to store her comfortable and prolong her life while controlling her condition. Over the previous year, accommodations to be made and treatments performed, consisting of yard substrate changes, environment of a state-of-the-art padded barn flooring system, coupled through farrier work, dietary and medical changes. April’s most recent vet exam figured out the acceleration of April’s condition, prompting the decision that euthanasia was the humane and appropriate food of action.

Following the euthanasia, she body to be escorted come the Cornell college Veterinary school by the patch family, where a necropsy will certainly be completed. She will then it is in cremated, and also her ashes will certainly be returned to pet Adventure Park. To get a deeper understanding of April’s condition and also this decision, please evaluation the complying with details from her veterinary team and caretakers.

Memorial for April the Giraffe at pet Adventure Park

We produce a location to mental her


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How walk April the Giraffe die? 

Statement from animal Adventure Park’s vet team:“Beginning in the summer the 2020, the employee at pet Adventure Park started reporting alters in April’s mobility. The park’s veterinarians radiographed April’s feet in July 2020 and noted the onset of osteoarthritis. The radiographs confirmed a lose of joint an are and subchondral bone fallen in she left hind leg, which have the right to be intended in a giraffe of she age. In enhancement to the share supplements, the park started multi-modal administration of osteoarthritis consisting of measures such as pain medications, anti-inflammatories, hoof trimming, environment of padded flooring and dietary changes in wishes of slowing down the progression of she condition. Throughout each visit through the park’s veterinarians, us assessed and discussed April’s quality of life, which has remained top priority while controlling her condition.

April the Giraffe

Unfortunately, end time, what we witnessed was April significantly shifting her load from limb-to-limb, a continual decline in mobility and spending a lot much more time laying recumbent. The many recent set of radiographs take away in early March to evaluate she condition, showed significant and proceeding degeneration that the joints in her lower leg. The severity that her condition has to be outpacing our ability to regulate April’s comfort. The in march 2021 observation reported advanced osteoarthritis, interphalangeal subluxation in the left rear hoof, and lameness and angular joint abnormalities in every feet.

Relating this arthritic transforms to an individual pets (dogs, cats, horse) and also even humans, can help us better understand and relate to the condition. Lameness and arthritis are amplified in animals as large as giraffe. If a small dog can compensate, big species, favor giraffe, have the right to deteriorate quickly. Despite animal Adventure Park’s multi-faceted approach to minimize April’s condition, the is irreversible and advancing at a quick rate. As hard of a decision as it is, because that a vet team and facility, the is chose that euthanasia is the most humane decision to make at this time.”

The bronze Statues of April and Azizi

“April the Giraffe lugged joy come the millions who have watched she via the park’s Giraffe Cam, and the hundreds of thousands of travellers who have made the expedition to her residence in Harpursville, brand-new York,” said Jordan Patch, owner of pet Adventure Park. “To she keepers and our team here at the park, she is a precious member of our family, and while us knew this day would ultimately come, our hearts room hurting. April’s affect on animal conservation and appreciation is both immeasurable and lasting. The ns of an pet as loved together her will certainly be feeling in our community, approximately the country and throughout the world. We evaluate respect and also empathy native April’s fans and also the park’s supporters during this complicated time, as they grieve in addition to us. She will certainly be deeply missed and fondly remembered. April, in her very own special way, adjusted the world.”

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Animal Adventure Park Alyssa Fired

Fan reaction:

Barbara SweatteThis has actually saddened me past words. She was so distinct to so numerous people. To Jordan an every one of you in ~ AAP i cannot imagine your sadness. Mine deepest condolences to every one of you.Alexandra WyperThere are just no indigenous to catch the sadness and also the gratitude we all feel. There will never ever be an additional April, and we space so fortunate that you discovered her and also shared her with every one of us. Meeting her and also feeding she carrots is a day i will never ever forget. My heart goes out to Jordan, his family, and also the whole AAP Team

Jodi Gardner BarnardSo sad to hear that the pass of April. City hall her and learning around giraffes certainly had an affect on our life. I also thought of coming to visit this year to see her. So i m really sorry to hear of this arising before this might happen. She touch so many lives rest In peace April you will

Kari BilyI took this screenshot appropriate after April offered birth to Tajiri, i was completely captivated along with many, countless others, and have kept this screenshot together I have actually such fond memories of watching and anxiously waiting for this moment. This made me cry and my heart will certainly be hurting for a long time with this loss.April you to be so incredibly loved and also unknowingly helped many other giraffes. Give thanks to you animal Adventure Park for sharing this beautiful pet with the world

April the Giraffe and son

Kathryn Sims PassenoMy love is absolutely broken. Ns can’t even imagine how heartsick her AAP family members is. What an horrible decision to need to make. I kind of felt favor she to be mine. I understand a many you more than likely felt the exact same way. Sending love and thoughts that peace and healing prayers come everyone associated with our darling April. RIP beautiful girl. Go uncover Azizi and also have a wonderful reunion.

Judith Cutright GallowayMy love is damaged at this news. April to be truly an remarkable ambassador for giraffe conservation. Having actually watched her two births at AAP, ns was blessed to have the ability to travel come AAP in 2019 to see her. My deepest condolences to the patch family, AAP family, and all that loved our beloved April.

Teresa Ross HildOh, my love goes the end to all at AAP, especially Jordan. I’m in tears, however kind of feeling something was wrong when Jordan and also Carly were in through her yesterday. Prayers that comfort because that the job family, all the keepers, and also all her many fans approximately the world. Girlfriend all gave her such an impressive life. We love friend April, RIP and run those beautiful fields with your beautiful Azizi.

Jillian JuppOh, Jordan, and also family and staff, ns am so devastated to check out this, April will constantly be loved and also remembered, She to be surely among a kind, rejoined with her boy Azizi , mine deepest condolences come each and also every one of you, and also to every one of Aprils fans about the world.

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Brenda Lynn AyalaSo i m really sorry to listen this i have been following you because she had Tajiri and also never made it to check out her she had the ideal life many thanks to Jordan and also staff and thru all I’ve learned about giraffe preservation im now a lover of lock what a priceless heartwarming picture . Rest In tranquility April

Lucille Carnevale TourvilleI love this picture. The love and trust the Jordan and April shared is obvious Thank friend Jordan because that sharing she journey with us and providing the ideal environment for her, and thank girlfriend staff and also keepers for taking such great care of her on a day-to-day basis

Trish LoftonI’m for this reason sorry for the loss of this beautiful creature. She came into our lives, with you, and also gave us a glimpse right into her human being at your amazing park. We watched, glued come our screens, as she offered birth come a beautiful baby. There were cheers around the world. April, girlfriend will always live ~ above in my memory and also in so plenty of others. Give thanks to you Jordan and also AAP for sharing April through us. She will be missed.

Terri HahnWhat an awesome remembrance the April. She touched so very many resides in person and also through society media. I never gained to visit in person yet I am among the thousands that watched her and loved her because 2017. Forever in my heart. Give thanks to you Jordon for sharing her v us!