If friend have ever before worn a pair of Oakley sunglasses, you probably recognize how an excellent they have the right to be.

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Not just are Oakleys stylish and also high in quality, yet they room also an excellent for her eyes.

The just real fence of a pair of Oakleys is the pricing.

These sunglasses often tend to get quite pricey, and also it might be difficult to find a version that is priced wherein you require it come be.

Here are a few reasons Oakleys are so expensive and also a couple of tips to assist you save some money.

Why are Oakleys therefore Expensive?


1. Prescription


Oakley glasses deserve to be tradition ordered through your prescription lenses in them.

As shortly as girlfriend start adding custom lenses to your eyewear, the pricing is instantly going to go up.

If you space a person who attract prescription lenses, the sunglass purchasing procedure is a bit involved.

You won’t have the ability to head come the store and grab any pair off a shelf.

Chances space you will have to order her sunglasses and wait a few weeks because that them come come in.

The good thing around the Oakley prescription glasses is the they mix both style and also technology.

You will look good while additionally getting some excellent quality and protection for your eyes.

If you know what you need from a prescription standpoint, girlfriend can also order prescription sunglasses.

It is crucial to have actually both glasses and also sunglasses that space a an excellent fit for your eyes.

The Oakley prescription sunglasses are going come be accessible in a wide selection of styles, and you would certainly never understand that they are prescription.

Many people who have trouble with their eyes will discover that the Oakley brand is a very reliable selection to walk after.

This reliability and consistency in the product they offer are why the price is for this reason high for Oakleys.

2. Technology


Oakley is among the leaders when it concerns sunglass features and technology.

Not just are all of their sunglass lenses constructed to defend your eyes from the sun, but they have actually lots of other attributes as well.

The impressive modern technology helps to make certain your eyes are protected and also that you deserve to see together if you to be not even looking v a lens.

Here room a couple of of the necessary technologies that Oakley includes in their glasses.


Many that the Oakley sunglasses room polarized so the they filter out any type of glare you can come across.

The polarized lenses will enable you to check out in the water and have a lot clearer check out of the world approximately you.

Not all civilization like polarized lenses.

They space usually considerably more expensive, and also people choose golfers feel the the polarization is an adverse when it comes to depth perception.

If you are searching for something polarized, over there is no concern Oakley is just one of the peak brands the end there.

Impact Protection

Some Oakley sunglasses come fitted with impact protection.

The impact protection help them hold up against a variety of different external influences.

You won’t want to throw your Oakley glasses come the ground, but the good news is the they probably will not break if girlfriend accidentally autumn them.

Prizm Collection

Oakley has a new lens an innovation called the Prizm collection.

With the Prizm collection, you can see the civilization even more plainly than you deserve to with your own eyes.

If you space a pan of high-end television and also everything friend have has the new 4K technology, then you will reap this technology.

This is something which is exclusive to the Oakley brand, although some various other manufacturers may have something similar.

Since this is an exclusive modern technology and the is fairly high end, you will certainly pay a bit an ext for it.

People favor to choose an eyewear agency that is front of the curve and also ready come provide very high-quality equipment.

Change out Lenses

Depending top top the form of sunglasses friend purchase, you might be able to readjust out the lenses in your Oakleys.

You can adjust out lenses so the they are much better for a particular activity, time of year, or time of the day.

Sometimes you may want to adjust out lenses simply for style as well.

If your lenses don’t complement with her outfit because that the day and you want to change them, friend will have that ability.

Of course, you will still need to buy various other lenses and also keep her frames in good shape.

This kind of ease of access and customization is walking to expense you a bit much more money.

3. Design and Style


There is no questioning the reality that eyewear is an accessory that will affect how girlfriend look.

Choosing a design and also a style of sunglasses the looks an excellent and renders you feel great is essential.

This is partially why Oakley is so popular.

You will have a wide variety of choices regarding the form of sunglasses you desire to wear and also the coloring as well.

Essentially, you can purchase any mix you want.

Oakley also offers many of its options in tradition styles and colors therefore you deserve to truly be distinct as well.

These varieties of customizations and the option to change your sunglasses around are going come be rather expensive.

When you acquisition the customized sunglasses, you get to select the structure color, lens color, and also the lens type as well.

Having the ability to get specifically what you require for your format is really important to many people.

The pricing will include up, and you will notification that, return the design and also style look great, you will absolutely pay because that it.

The developers who placed these types of glasses together are going come be very well paid.

They have to stay on top of all of the latest fashion trends.

In addition, they need to understand the technology behind glasses and sunglasses so the the users will be happy v the function and not just the style.

4. Branding


Oakley has branded itself as one of the ideal brands in the market for eyewear.

Truthfully, they have done a very good job through this process.

They are looked at together a young but solid brand the will save you both safe and stylish.

Oakley does fairly a bit of heralding in the sports world, and also they want athletes to be comfortable making use of their products.

It go not issue if you play golf or you snowboard, chances are you have actually seen an advertisement for Oakleys.

They are branded come look choose they are better than every the other brands, and also in countless instances, this is true.

Oakley needs to spend quite a little bit of money on these marketing endeavors and also brand awareness campaigns.

The money they invest is going to assist them increase their in its entirety sales, however this comes at a cost.

Brands the have very high brand awareness are normally priced a bit greater than the lesser known brands.

However, the good news about the Oakley products is the they are certainly a great product.

They room not simply marketed to work for people; they actually work.

There are some assets with a less recognizable brand name that room going to be priced significantly lower.

If you are not worried around wearing premium models, climate that might be a great alternative because that you.

Oakley sunglasses are priced high because they space branded together a premium product.

5. Activity particular Models


The last reason Oakleys space so high-quality is that they make assets that are certain to the activity at the time.

Most human being who wear sunglasses simply need them for the coast or a walk around the block.

Oakley provides plenty that sunglasses like this, but they additionally make many sunglasses designed for a specific activity.

They perform quite a little bit of study and research right into what works for the activity that you are taking component in in ~ the time.

If you happen to be playing tennis, golfing, or skiing, you might need some various features.

For instance, when you are skiing, you need something that permits you to see changes in the snow really clearly.

When you space out on your boat, you are going to want the ability to see into the water.

For this and other reasons, choosing activity-specific sunglasses makes quite a little of sense.

From a manufacturing standpoint, you have to think about why this might raise the pricing of Oakleys.

Not only do they have to make a good pair that glasses because that runners, however they likewise need one for a tennis player.

The distinctions in these might be subtle, but they are different nonetheless.

Having the infrastructure, supply, and staff to design, manufacturer, and also distribute sunglasses for every different tasks is time-consuming and expensive.

These costs will trickle down right into the expenses you pay because that a pair the Oakley sunglasses or glasses.

How can I save Money ~ above Oakleys?


If Oakley is your favorite brand, however the pricing is bothering you, there space a couple of ways about it.

For starters, you have to look for sales on the Oakley website.

They regularly run sales on enlarge models soon after more recent models are released.

These sales space a great time to grab a pair of Oakleys, as this can be a rarely occurrence.

Another method to save a little of money is to pick a more baseline model.

Even the base version of Oakley sunglasses space going come be higher functioning than any of the knock turn off brand glasses.

Another thing to store in psychic is that, if friend don’t need Oakley’s performance and functionality, you may be fine with a lesser known brand.

Certainly, once you pay because that Oakleys, part of what you space paying for is the name.

If girlfriend have ultimately saved up for a pair of Oakleys, try to continue to be away from any kind of customization.

When girlfriend start tailoring lenses and frames and also more, you will finish up spending much more money 보다 a conventional or an easy pair.

If you have the right to keep the customizations come a minimum, you might escape with a pair that Oakleys that is a great deal.

Overall, you will likely be happy with your Oakleys regardless of the price friend pay, yet it is good to be aware of part idea as to how to conserve money.


Now all that is left to perform is to figure out which pair of Oakleys is going come be ideal for you.

With every one of the options out there, this process may it is in a small more facility than you may expect.

Start v the activity you take part in most often, then start narrowing down the selections from there.

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If you uncover a pair that Oakley glasses or sunglasses the you love and also take an excellent care the them, possibilities are girlfriend will have the ability to enjoy lock for plenty of years.