In the season 4 finale of The laboratory Game, “There have the right to Only it is in One” us finally find out i m sorry rapper wins the competition. Jermaine Dupri had a difficult decision to make. The fact competition series has gained a huge amount of popularity and also its attracting significant talent.

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The competition was amazing. Ns loved each rapper’s last performance. “They don’t watch it, nope!” RapUnzel proclaimed during her performance. Ricci Bitti additionally came strong with her track “You Can’t Be favor Me!”

Ricci Bitti

Ricci Bitti is the first person come be removed from the competition. Dupri describes that she has serious talent yet she tho has major work to do. She was just 15 during her time top top the series so she has actually plenty that time.


Jordan was an early favorite. I was surprised to view Jermaine i disbanded him. His lyrical contents is on suggest and he has some serious swag. In the finale, the had obstacles choosing a beat and Dupri assumed he to be wasting an useful time.

Dupri noticed Jordan’s growth. In the first couple of episodes the season 4 we check out Jordan getting frustrated around his lyrics and he needed a haircut. By the finale, Jordan is no longer forgetting his lyrics and he has actually a fresh haircut.

Who won The Rap video game Season 4?

Lil Bri

Lil Bri is the third person come be removed from the competition. Dupri defines that she was close, but she still has work come do. She is a difficult worker therefore I’m sure we’ll it is in hearing around her in the future.


RapUnzel and Street Bud were the last 2 contestants left. Dupri explained that RapUnzel has come a an extremely long way. Once she arrived, Dupri believed she wanted to be a model instead of an emcee. By the finish of the competition, RapUnzel was a rapper very first and a pretty face second.

Street Bud

Street Bud is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. When the children met Teyana Taylor, she asked each one, “If you don’t victory the vain who do you think will?” Everyone decided Street Bud, proving that he to be born to it is in a star. His personality is one-of-a type thanks to his specialized mother, Cori.

Street Bud’s father has been in and also out of prison his whole life. Rather of apartment on it, Street provides his situations as inspiration.

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