Although it sounds like this song might have actually been written around one specific person, in his interwatch, Rik Emmett shelp it"s not. The song is about "honesty, and also just wanting other human being to be hocolony through you." He adds, "When I started to develop that one I probably had actually the hook. Whoever"s singing that song is saying, "Just provide me the reality." That"s really all I want in a relationship is honesty. That"s a relatively widespread template via me. I come back to that eextremely 15 or 20 songs. There"ll be a song about what"s true and also what"s hocolony and what is it that makes integrity."
The album cover art to Just a Game is an illustration in which eextremely object is a symbol for among the songs. The vinyl LP cover folded out to reveal a board game designed by Michael Levine which was intentionally made unwinnable.

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This song was written 2 years before the release of this album. Alengthy with "Hold On," their bigger hit from Just a Game, they"d tried the song out as an acoustic track in concert before deciding to arvariety it as a rock number on their high-idea album.

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Patrick Longworth from Okanagan Falls, British Columbia, CanadaIt"s not among my all time favourites but I do so relate to the lyrics.George from Vancouver, CanadaF"in A. Brent! A a lot of wonderful line for any type of relationship that you"re willing to risk everything for.George from Vancouver, Canadain the 1940s this expression ("lay it on the line") referred to sexual intercourse; from casino affect, it has actually given that developed more to suppose "put every little thing at risk" (this seem to be the sense Triumph was functioning with)Brent from Denair, CaTriumph rocks. This song rocks. A exceptionally underrated band. Saw them at Day on the Green in Oakland, Ca in 1983. What an awesome show and also time with several buddies that day. One of those friends acquired me hooked on Triumph and have been a fan ever considering that. Love the line "Don"t Waste My Time"!watch even more comments
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