Mark Dixon Biography

Mark Dixon is an American Meteorologist currently working in ~ WFSB as an anchor, scientific research Sunday Host, and Executive manager of the Weather Content.

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Mark Dixon Career

At a young age, he cultivated an attention in the weather. Dixon hoax that when he went to a TV terminal in his hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma, in ~ the age of 8, the proclaimed his major as a Cub Scout.

He got his Bachelor of science in Meteorology in ~ OU. While attending college, as a junior, he started his on-air career at the very same station where he toured and also interned in Tulsa. That went ~ above to small Rock, Arkansas because that his very first full-time task after graduation, wherein he got an linked Press award for a summer warmth demonstration: finest Weather Section. Dixon was additionally highly energetic in implementing and improving the local WeatherNet the his station.

As he grew up in the heart of Tornado Alley, his obsession through the weather persisted. As simply a high institution junior, he interned at KJRH-TV, and also when it came time for college, Dixon went on come the university of Oklahoma, a height meteorology college in the nation and the ideal for extreme weather analysis and forecasting.

Nominated for number of weathers anchoring Emmy Awards; he also received the Connecticut linked Press Broadcaster’s ideal Weathercast award. A member of the American Meteorological Society, he was honored through the reputation AMS Seal of Approval by his colleagues. In addition, he presents technology Sunday in participation with the Connecticut science Center, a segment that airs every weekend. Because July 2003, he has actually been part of the Channel 3 beforehand Warning forecast Team.

Mark Dixon Age

Dixon likes to keep his an individual life personal hence has actually not however disclosed the year and also month he to be born. He celebrates his birthday on august 8.


Mark Dixon Photo

Mark Dixon Height

Dixon stands in ~ an average height. However, his precise height is not yet disclosed however will be updated as quickly as his body dimensions are available.

Mark Dixon Family

Dixon has managed to store his personal life away from the limelight therefore he has actually not disclosed any information around his parents. The is additionally not recognized if Dixon has any type of siblings.

Mark Dixon Wife 

Dixon is very private about his personal life because of this it is not known if the is in any kind of relationship. There are also no rumors that him being in any past connection with anyone.

Mark Dixon network Worth

Dixon has an estimated net precious of in between $1 Million-$5 Million which he has actually earned with his career as a journalist.

Mark Dixon Salary

Information around how lot Dixon receive is at this time under review and will it is in updated as quickly as the info is available.

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Mark Dixon Social Media Platforms

Dixon is energetic on his social media accounts and is regularly seen posting ~ above his Facebook and also Twitter. He has over 8.1k followers on Twitter and over 6.1k followers ~ above Facebook.