While penises come in all different shapes and also sizes, once it comes to actually reflecting it off as soon as you"re sexting via a photo, there are good ways to to mark the penis and also there space not-so-good means to highlight the penis.

So in order come make sure you snap a picture that the recipient will certainly 1) actually desire to receive and also 2) discover pleasure from, we spoke with a bunch of world to identify what their variation of a "good dick pic" is.

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But first, before we dive into their notes and tips, please note that dick pics should always be consensual. Like, 100 percent the the time. Zero exceptions. Someone have to explicitly speak they desire one before you send one because, hi, no one wants to view someone"s vul unexpectedly.

Once friend do obtain the go-ahead come snap away, here"s what to save in mind for your next photo shoot. (Oh, and feel cost-free to re-superstructure this article with any kind of penis-haver you recognize so the civilization can it is in a more aesthetically pleasing place.)

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How to take a an excellent Dick Pic

1. "A good dick pic is fine framed. Ideally, friend wanna have the ability to see the reduced abs—or at least the entirety pubic area, and some thigh. Also, the dick should it is in in focus and also have just sufficient light hitting it the there’s some contrast in between it and also its surroundings." —Jenny, 23

2. "For the love that God, take the photo with your shirt off. Please. Ns beg you. Don"t Winnie-the-Pooh the assignment." —Melissa, 30

3. "The ideal dick pic isn"t a dick pic in ~ all but instead, is one *almost* cock pic. A man I was dating as soon as sent me a photo of that casually grabbing his clothed penis, and also I virtually lost it. The subtle shot that his erection there is no going to every the fuss of taking off his clothes and also angling the camera make the entirety thing seem method sexier." —Nicole, 26

4. "Since what renders an attractive cock pic can vary from human being to person and situation to situation, the hottest point a guy can do is questioning me what I desire to see. Once, a FWB asked me to especially tell the what ns wanted, and his confidence and also boldness soon turned me on. expertise that someone"s desires aren"t stagnant and fulfilling what they want in the minute is candid the most desirable thing ever.” —Lelia, 29

5. "I can be in the minority here, however a cock pic doesn"t really perform it for me. The only way it really functions is if there"s some humor or cheekiness involved. As soon as my boyfriend sent out me a photo of his prick literally in a hot dog bun and said "wanna bite?" The completely unexpected and hilarious edge of the picture is what really turned me on." —Karina, 28

6. "One that the hottest penis pics I"ve ever before received was once a male took one straight out that the shower. It to be a full-body frontal picture in his restroom mirror. Due to the fact that of the steam, the winter was a bit foggy, yet you might see just enough of the entirety body the it was in reality an extremely sexy picture—which likewise happened to include a great sneak peek of his package." —Krysta, 24


7. "Okay, honestly, I"m really into prick videos lately. Present me what you"re working v in a better way 보다 what any picture can present me." —Raya, 27

8. “I like once a guy’s hand has a good grip top top it...if you know what I mean ;)” —Nico, 21

9. “I choose videos. Also, knock that the posesthe off with the emojis.” —Taylor, 20

10. “Once I obtained a flaccid prick pic. That was weird, so, like, don"t execute that.” —Kate, 21

11. "Close-up shots room horrifying. Stand earlier a lil bit." —Sarah, 21

12. “Don’t perform the thing where you push down on her balls to do your penis pop and also look bigger. We understand it’s no that big. Also, a little mood lighting never damages (like, bad nighttime lighting where whatever looks yellow and also you have to use flash...that’s a no-go). But a fresh-out-of-the-shower mirror photo is always a for sure bet! Like, when there is still heavy steam everywhere and you need to wipe a tiny off the mirror to reveal the D.” —Sophie, 26


13. “I’m a sucker because that an artsy dick pic. Some might think it’s a bit narcissistic, however using a self-timer and also lying the end on miscellaneous is sexy AF. ns wanna look at you like the fucking job-related of art you are! and in mine opinion, that must be a full-body nude. That’s since I don’t view a dick and get rotate on...It walk nothing for me visually. However I think the human body is stunning.” —Liz, 24

14. “It’s hot when it’s an actual body shot and not part low-quality up-close-and-personal junk shot. I love it when my friend of 3 years sends me nude images in risky places. Like, as soon as he sends out me something indigenous work, I’m like, yesssssir.” —Megan, 24

15. “The edge is everything. Ns don’t desire it simply from the top to see the head or from the bottom to see the balls. But if it’s indigenous the side and he’s hold it choose he’s poignant himself, that’s type of hot due to the fact that you recognize he’s thinking of friend at the moment. —Valerie, 24

16. “First that all, it doesn’t issue on the angle, lighting, or framework of your cock pic. If we didn’t ask for a picture, don’t send it. There’s nothing worse 보다 being on your phone and also having a huge, unsolicited penis photo pop increase on your screen. That being said, I’m in search of something effortless. Rotate off the fluorescent lighting, lie under in bed, and snap away. The last thing I desire to check out is a guy flexing in the toilet mirror. Put your hand in ~ the basic of her (hopefully hard) cock for a much better scale, and take the snapshot from a reduced angle to do it watch bigger.” —Taylor, 25


17. “A photo of a guy touching his penis makes the look so lot hotter than just a lonely dick staring girlfriend in the face. Erect is probably much better than flaccid. Pants or boxers pulled down or entirely pants-less is best, although sometimes peeking the end of boxers deserve to be hot. It’s also an excellent when it’s close however not also close up the it’s anatomical. I choose being may be to view some background.” —Rachel, 35

18. “When men send a prick pic, I in reality really don’t want to check out the dick. I’m much more interested in seeing his abs—or his dad-bod stomach—and perhaps a little of the booty. an angle that I like is a nice high-above pic where the phone call is looking straight down ~ above the stomach or abs from above. You re welcome don’t placed your confront in the photo or include your dirty room in the background. I’d simply rather see their bodies. And finally, something else I’d like to emphasize: If friend send a photo, ns am not obligated come send one back!” —Maddie*, 21

19. “When it pertains to dick pics, I don’t treatment if you are three customs or nine—accurate representation is important. I am constantly working to love myself and my imperfections, and also if you room feeling bad around your prick size, shape, etc., I can tell by the picture you send. Keep it natural and also make certain it’s near up. Be i was sure in your photo, and also if you have actually a dick ring, put that ~ above too! ns personally find dick rings at sight hot, and also knowing you space comfortable v toys is a large turn-on and tells me a lot around a person.” —Sarah, 31

20. "The background have to be clean and also tasteful. I’m not specifically drawn to the idea of coming to your apartment if what I see in the background is reminiscent of a university dorm. As soon as I send sexy pics, ns take a the majority of pride in the means I screen my body. Ns love put on lingerie and posing seductively, and I really favor taking short videos occasionally too instead of just pictures. If ns send you part high-quality content, then you send a pic of your prick hard and also hanging the end of your underwear in her messy bathroom is not gonna cut it.” —Janice, 21

21. “I personally like a hand in the photo because ns really like to imagine the the man is actively jerking off for me in some capacity. I likewise like winter pics whereby I can see your full body or pics lie in bed from cock up (dick, chest, shoulders, face). Never send images of her soft dick. I understand that sound obvious, however you have no idea how plenty of soft-dick pics I’ve gotten. Don’t awkwardly organize your dick in one unusual method just since you’re do the efforts to do it watch larger." —Selena*, 20

22. “I actually love cock pics the don’t show everything. I’m just method more attracted to a photo of a clothed boner than a naked photo. Like, hard dick laid level underneath boxer briefs and I’m donezo. Or in gray sweats or athletic shorts. Leaving something to the creative thinking is hotter 보다 a bare dick to me.” —Dia, 26

23. “For me, a prick on its very own isn’t attractive. Like, obviously, unsolicited penis pics space awful for many reasons, but one point I hate about them is that they’re constantly just part smelly-looking prick without context through the flash on. And you can, like, see Fifa on the TV in the background. They’re never sexy. Ns don’t feel strongly around what is a ‘good’ penis, really. The human it’s attached to has a lot to execute with exactly how much I’m walk to gain the dick, you know? so in mine opinion, a great dick pic has context. I desire to view a small bit the the remainder of your body. Simply be careful if girlfriend shoot the pic indigenous below, for this reason I deserve to see your face. If you carry out it poorly, the can end up looking like Cockzilla is around to assault your head.

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” —Rachel, 24

24. “I’m spring for an exact photo that mirrors true size and girth. A small lower abdominal muscle muscle is always fun. If we recognize each other well, litter in part post-self-love fun—because anyone loves a an excellent cum shot.” —Waameeka, 27