The Peloponnesian war

The Peloponnesian War, one of the most far-ranging events in ancient Greek history, covering the city-states that the old Greek world, forever an altering the region.

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Peloponnesian War

This copper engraving by Matthaus Merian illustration depicts the Athenian marine defeat close to Corinth end the Corinthian and also Spartan fleet roughly 430 B.C.E.

Photograph by akg-images/Newscom


The Peloponnesian war was a war battled in ancient Greece in between Athens and also Sparta—the two most powerful city-states in old Greece at the time (431 to 405 B.C.E.). This battle shifted strength from Athens come Sparta, do Sparta the most an effective city-state in the region. The battle featured two periods of combat be separate by a six-year truce.

Athens and also Sparta had actually previously quarreled in the years prior to the war. One of Sparta’s allies, Corinth, had straight engaged the Athenian army. Together a Spartan ally, Corinth resumed hostilities towards Athens as soon as Athens threatened Corinth’s understanding in the region surrounding Corcyra. This eventually drew Sparta right into the conflict. The Spartan military began by raiding lands in ~ an Athenian allied territory, an especially a region near Athens dubbed Attica. The Athenians had developed walls stretching from your seaport to the city that Athens. The wall surfaces helped defend Athens from direct assault, and also its leader, Pericles, urged Athens not to communicate in straight land battles v the Spartans. Instead, the Athenians used their navy to provide troops into the Spartan territory to command raids top top settlements.

After year of open up warfare, Sparta available peace and Athens accepted. The agreement was made official with the signing that the peace of Nicias. The treaty stated that Athens and also Sparta would protect each various other for the next 50 years. However, the treaty just lasted six.

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Hostilities resumed in between Athens and also Sparta through an attack launched through the Athenians in ~ Sicily. Sparta decided to retaliate. Learning from its past experiences v the Athenian navy, they developed a fleet that warships. It would certainly be an additional decade that warfare before the Spartan general Lysander beat the Athenian fleet in ~ Aegospotami. This defeat resulted in Athenian surrender. Together a result, the Peloponnesian battle was concluded. Simultaneous to the end of this conflict came the end of the golden age of old Greece.