Pride and also Prejudice is a novel everyone should know. That is not for nothing that Austen"s book is a component of the English curriculum and also studies transparent the world. It"s complete of elaborate characters and tempers, i beg your pardon are quite easy to confuse. Uncover out i beg your pardon of woman Austen"s personalities you watch like!

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Let"s come directly down come brass tacks. What"s the an interpretation of life?

To get married well and not think around anything anymore

To live the method you want

To it is in a kind and also open person, to assist others

To be an instance of honour and nobility

Describe her character

A calm human with a gentle and also sensitive character

A an extremely curious human being who likes studying

An exceptionally outgoing person, ns love to be in the special of things

A silent and educated human who is conscious of his/her worth

Marriage is a great cure for all problems. It"s important even if there"s no love in a couple, one gets provided to everything. Assess exactly how much perform you agree v this statement.

What characteristic do you pay attention to very first when conference someone?

Charm. Maybe, money too. The remainder will follow

Education and also liveliness of mind

How a human behaves, how he/she speak to others

Friendliness and also openness

Choose your duty at a friends" party

I"m the boss

I was standing apart and also observe. How stupid they every are!

Sometimes i dance, sometimes examine newcomers

I simply enjoy

Choose the shade you choose most

What is an ext important to learn. The sooner, the better:

Behaving in society

Being yourself

Running business

Patience and also kindness

Your far-reaching other is…





If there"s something around your character the troubles you, this is...



Excessive kindness


What have the right to make love stronger?


Flirting and also dancing


Respect because that each other

Miss Elizabeth Bennet

Miss Elizabeth Bennet is a young and also jolly girl, around 22 year old, the lead character of the novel. She"s the second daughter of the Bennets and the best friend of she tender and kind big sister Jane. She had actually hardly a an excellent feature in her face… the seems very spiritual as result of a wonderful expression of dark eyes, which attractive Mr. Darcy. Lizzy is active, vivid and constantly full that energy. She doesn"t care about society"s opinion and also traditions, and also conventionalities make her bored. Share this quiz through friends, let"s uncover out their role!

Miss mrs Bennet

Miss jane Bennet is a young and also kind girl, around 23 years old, the eldest and also the most beautiful daughter of the Bennets. She"s the ideal friend with her jolly and energetic sister Elizabeth. Mrs is outstandingly communicable through everyone, she sees only the good side of what"s happening, which enables her to take the rough with the smooth. She kindness is admirable and makes one autumn in love through her immediately. Share this quiz through friends, let"s discover out their role!

Mr. Darcy is a young man, 26 years old, a girlfriend of Mr. Bingley. "Mr. Darcy soon attracted the fist of the room through his fine, high person, handsome features, noble mien, and also the report which to be in basic circulation within five minutes after his entrance, that his having ten thousands a year", therefore it way he"s an default bachelor. "Darcy to be clever. He was at the exact same time haughty, reserved, and fastidious, and his manners, though fine bred, were no inviting." Darcy, originally burning everyone v his impudence and haughtiness, appears to it is in a an extremely empathetic and also high-minded man. Re-superstructure this quiz v friends, let"s discover out their role!

Mrs. Bennet is the spouse of Mr. Bennet. The mommy of Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and also Lydia. "A woman of median understanding, small information, and also uncertain temper" that fancies it s her nervous as soon as she is discontented. The objective of she life was marrying her daughters. The just her entertainment was visits and news.

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She"s rather sociable, if no gossipy, likes the fashionable culture and does she utmost come arrange the life of she daughters. Re-publishing this quiz v friends, let"s find out their role!