The skeletal system works together a support framework for her body. It provides the human body its shape, enables movement, provides blood cells, provides protection because that organs and also stores minerals. The skeletal device is additionally called the musculoskeletal system.


What is the skeleton system?

The skeletal system is her body’s main framework. It consists of bones and also connective tissue, consisting of cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. It’s likewise called the musculoskeletal system.

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What walk the skeletal mechanism do?

The skeletal system has countless functions. Besides providing us our human shape and also features, it:

Allows movement: Your skeleton supports your body load to assist you stand and move. Joints, connective tissue and muscles work together come make your body components mobile.Produces blood cells: Bones contain bone marrow. Red and also white blood cell are created in the bone marrow.Protects and supports organs: her skull shields her brain, her ribs safeguard your heart and lungs, and your backbone protects your spine.Stores minerals: Bones organize your body’s supply of minerals choose calcium and also vitamin D.

What space the parts of the skeleton system?

The skeletal mechanism is a network of countless different components that work-related together to help you move. The main component of your skeletal system consists of your bones, tough structures that produce your body’s framework — the skeleton. There space 206 bones in an adult person skeleton. Every bone has three main layers:

Periosteum: The periosteum is a challenging membrane the covers and also protects the exterior of the bone.Compact bone: below the periosteum, compact bone is white, hard, and smooth. It provides structural support and also protection.Spongy bone: The core, inner great of the bone is softer than compact bone. The has little holes referred to as pores to store marrow.

The other materials of her skeletal device include:

Cartilage: This smooth and also flexible substance covers the advice of her bones wherein they meet. It permits bones to relocate without friction (rubbing versus each other). Once cartilage wears away, as in arthritis, it have the right to be painful and also cause movement problems.Joints: A joint is where two or an ext bones in the body come together. There are three different joint types. The species of joints are:Immovable joints: Immovable joints don’t let the bones move at all, favor the joints between your skull bones.Partly movable joints: These joints allow restricted movement. The joints in her rib cage are partly movable joints.Movable joints: Movable joints permit a wide variety of motion. Her elbow, shoulder, and knee room movable joints.Ligaments: Bands of strong connective tissue referred to as ligaments host bones together.Tendons: Tendons room bands of organization that attach the end of a muscle to her bone.

Conditions and Disorders

What room some common conditions that can influence the bones system?

Many conditions can influence the bones, joints, and tissues that comprise the skeleton system.Some take place as a an outcome of disease or injury. Others develop due come wear and also tear as you get older.Conditions that may impact the bones system deserve to include:

Fracture: Disease, a tumor, or trauma deserve to put anxiety on a bone, leading to it to break.Sprains and tears: Age, an illness and trauma can reason connective tissue to overstretch and also tear.


How have the right to I keep skeletal device healthy?

To save your bones system strong and healthy, friend should:

Get many of vitamin D and calcium in her diet (try milk, yogurt or almonds) to store bones strong.Drink plenty of water to aid keep tissues healthy.Exercise consistently to combine bones and joints.Stay in ~ a healthy and balanced weight to avoid putting extra push on her bones and also cartilage.Wear protective equipment during call sports such together football and also hockey.Be mindful on stairway to avoid falls.

What happens when you break a bone?

Your medical care provider will classify a fracture based upon the means the bone breaks. Varieties of fractures include:

Stable (closed): The end of the broken bones line up.Stress fracture: Overuse reasons a crack in the bone.Open (compound): The damaged bone breaks the skin.

If you rest a bone, you’ll require an imaging test dubbed an X-ray so her doctor deserve to identify the kind of fracture. Depending on the severity the the break, you’ll have to immobilize the (prevent that from moving) in a actors or brace for 3 to eight weeks. Broken bones deserve to take numerous months to heal completely.

Frequently inquiry Questions

When need to I speak to medical care provider about an worry with skeletal system?

Call your health care provider if pain, swelling, or stiffness in her bones or joints lasts much more than a couple of days or interferes with your daily activities. Orthopedic physicians specialize in the bones system. These medical professionals can help you manage issues with:

Medical treatment, together as dealing with a fracture.Lifestyle changes, such as exercise.Medications choose ibuprofen to relax pain or Fosamax® (alendronic acid) to avoid bone loss.

If you suspect you might have broken a bone, walk to the emergency room or watch your healthcare provider. You’ll need treatment come make certain it heals properly.


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