The simplest kind of network consists of:

Two or more connected computers.

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Switches and also routers.
Network operating system (NOS).
All of the above.

The technique of slicing digital messages into parcels, sending them along different interaction paths, and also then reassembling castle after they arrive at their destination is called:

Packet switching.
Client-server computing.
Data warehousing.

The TCP/IP layer that is responsible for giving the communication and also packet solutions is the:

Application layer.
Transport layer.
Network interface layer.
Internet layer.

The maker that is forced to analyze digital signals right into analogue kind and earlier again is referred to as a:


Which the the adhering to is no a local area network (LAN) topology?


The transmission tool that is composed of strands of clean glass fibre, each of the thickness of a person hair, which room bound right into cables, is:

Fibre optics.
Microwave and radio frequencies.
Twisted wire and coaxial cable.
None of the above.

What speak the internet browser software exactly where come look for the info being requested?

Domain name.
HTTP (HyperText transport Protocol).
HTML (Hyper message Markup Language).
URL (Uniform resource Locator).

A collaborative web site whereby visitors deserve to add, delete, or modify content, including the occupational of ahead authors, is a:

RSS (Really straightforward Syndication).

The wireless networking typical that is valuable for creating small an individual area networks is:

Bluetooth technology.
Whitetooth technology.
Toothless technology.
None of the above.

Which the the adhering to statements around radio frequency to know (RFID) is no true?

RFID equipment transmit radio signals over long distances.
Companies might be required to upgrade hardware and software come accommodate the massive amounts data that are being created by RFID systems.
RFID systems administer a powerful technology for tracking the activity of goods throughout the supply chain.

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RFID equipment use tiny tags with installed microchips containing data about an item and also its location.
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