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1. Which of the adhering to statements about ecosystem is FALSE ? Ans . Option d Reaboy : The trophic level that has the biggest biomass in ecomechanism is the producers. So statement d is FALSE. All various other statements are true facts around ecodevice.…View the full answer

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Transcribed photo text: Which of the following statements about ecosystems is FALSE? Select a response and also submit. For key-board navigation, use the up/down'arrow keys to select a response. a Carbon enters ecounits through major producers. b Ecodevices can support a greater variety of individual primary consumers than secondary consumers. с The variety of trophic levels in a lot of ecounits is limited by the loss of energy between trophic levels. d Populations of additional consumers contain the greatest full biomass in an ecodevice. e All of the above are true; none are false. If the largemouth bass (a peak predator) were removed from the ecomechanism shown in the Lake Champlain food web (Figure 6), it can outcome in: Select an answer and submit. For key-board navigating, use the up/dvery own arrowhead tricks to choose an answer. a Top dvery own results on area composition. • Atrophic cascade с Bottom-up impacts on neighborhood complace. d Both A&B are true. Both B&Care true. a Based on the Lake Chamsimple food internet (Figure 6), if the populace of cormorants were dramatically reduced, which of the complying with would be likely? Select a response and also submit. For key-board navigating, use the up/down arrowhead tricks to pick a solution a The populace of yellow perch would decrease rapidly. b The populace of pumpkin seed would certainly decrease. с The population of insects would increase. d The population of zooplankton would decrease. Both A&B are true. Imagine that in the number over, the mainland represents an original intact forest and the areas labeled A-D recurrent a number of woodland patches within the exact same landscape. Which of the patches would you intend to have actually the LOWEST biodiversity? D mainland also Select an answer and submit. For keyboard navigation, usage the up/dvery own arrowhead secrets to pick an answer. a Island also "A" b Island "B" с Island" d Island "D" Based on the Lake Chamordinary food internet (Figure 6), which of the adhering to pairs of organisms do NOT represent a predator prey relationship? Select an answer and also submit. For keyboard navigation, use the up/dvery own arrowhead keys to pick an answer. a Humans and Atlantic salmon b Cormorant and walleye c Zebra mussels and zooplankton d Northern pike and also frogs (amphibians) e Zooplankton and alewife BS e tret Acid wo polper be opron Figure 6. Food web of Lake Champlain, one of the excellent lakes that was got into by the zebra mussel (bottom left corner of the figure). Note that arrows suggest the direction of power circulation (from prey to consumer). Zebra mussels inhalittle a comparable function in other habitats they have actually invaded. Source:https://www.stlawu.edu/sites/default/files/resource/Gilroy Wright2016_case%20study%2 Ofinal.pdf Native Mussels. Native mussel species are discovered in the very same habitats that zebra mussels colonize. They are likewise filter feeders with diets overlapping that of the zebra mussel. Native species filter water at a sreduced rate-it takes native mussels 2-3 months to filter the same quantity of water that zebra mussels can filter in 2-4 days, Zebra mussels likewise deserve to clear up on and attach to the native mussel species as their substrate-often resulting in fatalities of the indigenous Sanchild 2020)