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5-E- All are correct options over 6-A- breaksdown into bilivedin and then to bilirubin 7-A- pl…View the full answer

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Transcribed photo text: 5. I m sorry of the complying with statements about blood is FALSE? A. Serum is the liquid section of blood minus coagulation proteins. B. Formed elements include erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes. C. Colony-stimulating determinants increases the number of platelet precursors. D. Erythropoietin is responsible because that red-blood cabinet production. E. None of the statements room false. 6. The most far-ranging product of red blood cell damage is: A. Bilirubin B. Jaundice C. Heme D. Iron E. Erythropoietin 7. I m sorry of the complying with statements is FALSE concerning hemopoiesis? A. Pluripotent stem cells are parents that both myeloid and also lymphoid stem cells. B. Myeloid stem cells give rise to red blood cells. C. Lymphoid stem cells provide rise to every white blood cells. D. Myeloid stem cells provide rise to platelets. E. Both B and D are false. 8. A thrombus is a blood clot the has become dislodged and also is transported through the bloodstream: A. True B. False i beg your pardon of the following is FALSE worrying the heart's structure and also function: A. Cardiac muscle cells are linked end to finish by intercalated discs. B. "Tight junctions" between cardiac muscle cells exist to allow action potentials to command from one fiber come the following C. The term of convulsion is 10-15 times longer than for skeletal fibers. D. Refractory durations for cardiac yarn are much longer than your contractions. E. All of the above are false. 29. Myogenic autoregulation that GFR varies through filtrate osmolarity. A. True B. False 30. The hormone that rises the GFR is: A. Aldosterone B. Inhibin C. Atrial natriuretic peptide D. Renin E. Antidiuretic hormone 31. The most far-reaching force driving the filtration process in the glomerulus is: A. Network filtration push B. Glomerular blood push C. Blood osmotic push D. Capsular hydrostatic press E. Filtrate concentration 32. Micturition involves: A. The bladder, the ureters, and the brainstem B. The bladder, the urethra, and also the brainstem C. The bladder, the ureters, and the reduced spinal cord D. The bladder, the urethra, and also the reduced spinal cord E. No one of the over is correct 33. The urinary bladder: A. Lies exceptional to the pubic symphysis B. Lies worse to the pubic symphysis C. Has stratified cuboidal epithelium consisting of its mucosa D. Has actually three layers of smooth muscle within its walls E. Secretes ADH in solution to high blood osmolarity 34. The ureters: A. Begin at the renal young calyces B. Carry urine come the bladder, generally via hydrostatic push C. Room retroperitoneal D. Space not written of smooth muscle E. Move sperm come the urethra 49. Protein buffers: A. Can only neutralize strong acids due to their structure B. Room the most usual buffers in the ICF and interstitial liquid of the ECF C. Both explanation A and B space true D. Both statements A and B are false 50. The carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system: A. Is significant in both the ICF and ECF B. Uses bicarbonate to expropriate a H'ion to aid neutralize acidic fluids c. Both explanation A and also B room true D. Both explanation A and also B are false 51. Phosphate buffers: A. Are an ext similar in action to the carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer device than they room to the protein buffer device B. Are necessary regulators the cytosol pH Both statements A and B room true D. Both explanation A and also B space false 52. In a respiratory acidosis, i m sorry of the complying with pairs is CORRECT: A. Raised blood pH; feasible causes include hyperventilation. B. Decreased blood pH; feasible causes incorporate hyperventilation. C. Enhanced blood pH; feasible causes encompass hypoventilation. D. Diminished blood pH; feasible causes incorporate hypoventilation. E. None of the pairs is correct. 53. The male accessory glands include all of the following other than the: A. Pudendal glands B. Bulbourethral glands C. Cowper's glands D. Seminal engine E. Prostate gland