BStep-by-step explanation:Because the is usual sense that after the number in decimal the next number is zero. No issue how numerous zeros girlfriend get, what problem is how large the number is"}>" data-test="answer-box-list">

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Step-by-step explanation:

Because it is usual sense that after the number in decimal the following number is zero. No matter how plenty of zeros girlfriend get, what matters is how huge the number is

Directions: Write into standard kind and uncover the remedies 1. X(x + 3) = 28 2 2. 1 1 *o ll لها در X 3 3 3. + = -2 y-3 2 + =​
Assessment Skill: Solves routine and non-routine problems involving enhancement and/or subtraction of fountain using suitable problem fixing strateg…ies and tools. Directions: Read, analyze and solve every problem. 1. During the Brigada Eskwela, Anthony mixed 1/8 liter the blue paint with 4/6 liter that yellow paint and also 2 of white paint. How countless liters of paint developed the mixture? 2. Nica studies her great every day, English takes 4 hour; Mathematics, 2/3hour; and also Science, 2 hour. Hour much time is spent for the 3 subjects? 3. Sam painted 1/2 that the wall, if Jim painted 1/6 the it. Together, what part of the wall surface did they paint? 4. Grace ate 3/6 of the bibingka. Roxan ate 2/12 the the same bibingka. What component of the bibingka go they eat in all? 5. Father lugged home 2 42 kilograms of chicharon. He gave kilogram to his younger brother and the remainder were left at home. How many kilograms that chicharon were left at home?​
A. Recognize the quotient and also remainder utilizing the indicated method. It is provided the lacking term in the box listed (6 points) correct solution=1 suggest Re…mainder=1 point Quotient=1point 1. Long division Given: (x2-3x?+ x - 1) + (x - 2) equipment Remainder x-2 x3 3 3x2 2x2 x2 Quotient. X2 + 2x X + 2. Synthetic division Given: (x4-2x2+x2-1) + (x+1) 1 - 2 1 1 Remainder: Quotient:​
Guide Questions:do the fractions in item 1 the columnA have actually greatest common factors (GCF) other than 1?​
The picture is the given.what is the 6th term the a geometric succession whose 3rd term is -32 v a usual ratio the -4?(Please price this connect to t…he given.)Thank you​

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I'm a-maze-d your neighbor agreed to or simply for her grandparents and also i can they are around to gain out prevent his uncover out what this goods is through s…hading the correct course of matching rational algebraic expressions and also lowest term​