Which of the adhering to danger factors is not linked via criteria for metabolic syndrome? A. low HDL B. elevated blood pressure C. abdominal obesity D. hepatic steatosis E. cigarette smoking

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Ab excessive weight is defined asA. >100 cm for both males and woguys B. >90 cm for males and also >100 cm for womales C. ≥88 cm for women and also ≥102 cm for guys D. namong the above E. >88 cm for both men and women
Which is not a reasonable exercise prescription for someone with metabolic syndrome.A. must be perdeveloped for a minimum of 150 min/wk or 30 min/d the majority of days of the week B. must be percreated at a moderate intensity (40%-59% VO2R or HRR) C. boosts progressively to 250 to 300 min/wk or 50 to 60 min/d on at least 5 d/wk in order to minimize body weight D. ncreases intensity as soon as appropriate (≥90%VO2R or HRR)
The positive benefits of exercise on cardiometabolic health in the metabolic syndrome are multifaceted and also have the right to be explained whereby of the following? (pick all that applyA. Repeated bouts of exercise result in a chronic adaptive response, identified by enhanced cardiorespiratory feature and worldwide renovations in insulin activity.B. During the acute phase, a single bout of exercise have the right to significantly increase whole-body glucose disposal and therefore temporarily attenuate hyperglycemia.C. For several hrs after a provided bout of exercise, insulin sensitivity is enhanced. D. Metabolic syndrome blocks the positive effects of exercise
What is the normal physiological function of LDL and HDL? (pick all that apply)A. LDL transporting activities cholesterol to tproblems from the liver B. HDL transports cholesterol to the tconcerns from the liver C. HDL transporting activities cholesterol to the liver D. LDL transports cholesterol to the liver
The drug classification recommfinished by the Amerihave the right to Heart Association and also others to assist reduced blood lipid levels isA. statins B. proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin-9 inhibitors C. bile acid sequestrants D. fibrates
The exercise recommendation for patients through dyslipidemia isA. 30 min/d, 7 d/wk B. 150 to 300 min moderate intensity or 75 to 150 min vigorous intensity each week C. 75 to 150 min on 3 d/wk or more D. 20 min/d, 3 d/wk
Prediabetes is a state ofA. skeletal muscle pain and also weakness as a result of insulin sensitivity B. low blood glucose that causes confusion and nerve pain C. having undiagnosed diabetes D. insulin resistance that boosts the hazard of emerging kind 2 diabetes
A client through kind I diabetes mellitus checks her fasting morning glucose level on her entirety blood glucose meter (fingerstick method), and it is 253 mg/dl (14 mmol). A urine test is positive for ketones prior to her exercise session. What action should you take?A. Give her an additional carbohydrate snack and also wait 5 minutes prior to working out B. Not permit her to exercise and educate her doctor of the findings C. Allow her to exercise as lengthy as her blood glucose is not >300 mg/dl D. Rereadjust her insulin regimales for the day to compensate for the high morning glucose level
Which of the following is NOT a contraindication for a diabetic to exercise?A. blood glucose B. Resting systolic BP >130 or diastolic BP >95 mmHg C. Ketones over 1.5 mmol/L in blood D. blood glucose >250 mg/dL
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