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Transcribed picture text: UCHS concern 14 i m sorry of the complying with is one incorrect match of process to location? preparatory reaction - cristae the mitochondria citric acid cycle - matrix of mitochondria ATP manufacturing in the electron transfer chain - cristae of mitochondria H+ ion gradient-matrix the mitochondria glycolysis - cytoplasm inquiry 15 The Calvin cycle reactions only happen in bundle sheath cells in a C4 plant so the H20 is not available to mesophyll cells. To allow O2 to go into bundle sheath cells. Since rubisco is only discovered in mesophyll cells. To shield the Calvin cycle reaction from O2 in the leaf spaces, so the they are adjacent to stomata. Anto Se every answers question 16 What will take place if oxygen is not easily accessible in an excellent enough quantity throughout cellular respiration? CO2 will not have the ability to fix chin to the Calvin cycle. Oxygen will begin to diffuse in ~ a higher rate in order to make up for the deficiency. The number of ATP developed will increase. Naught will adjust since oxygen is not forced for cellular respiration. Moving respiration will transition towards anaerobic respiration. Concern 17 The cristae that a mitochondrion are vital in developing a room for concentration of H. O in giving a room for glycolysis come occur. Both as a site for the electron transfer chain and also creating a space for concentration that in offering a place for the Calvin cycle. Together a website for the electron transfer chain.

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Question 20 i m sorry of the adhering to is one incorrect complement of molecule come the place where the is principally used? glucose - lysosome RNA- cytoplasm DNA-nucleus mRNA-nucleus and cytoplasm protein - ribosome concern 21 Mitochondria and also chloroplasts are comparable in the they both however are different in the mitochondria, yet not chloroplasts. Produce glucose required for cellular procedures are uncovered in plant cells space organelles associated in the manufacturing of proteins: are discovered in pet cells room responsible because that cell movements; aid to produce the microtubules viewed in cilia are discovered in bacteria: are used to record radiant energy and also convert it right into chemical power are affiliated in energy conversions are found in practically all eukaryotic cells