The exactly is alternative B, The Olympic bicycle racer that goes much faster when that is racing versus a person rather 보다 the clock


In social facilitation, a human being works/performs better than his/her regular work/performance as he/she is in existence of various other people. There room basically two form of social facilitation –

a)co-action effects – as soon as a human being works with other person as a co-worker

b)audience effect – when a human works in the mere presence of one more person.

In this case , an Olympic racer competes with an additional racer, for this reason this would be a co –action effect.


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Option B i.e The Olympic bicycle racer who goes much faster when is racing against a human being rather than a clock.

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As the society facilitation describes the advancement of performance developed by the visibility of others, The Olympic bicycle racer that goes quicker when is racing versus a human rather than a clock is the ideal example of social facilitation.

The tennis player who is frustrated once the group yells at her is not an instance of society facilitation. Though over there are presence of people, however their yell at her frustrated her which would certainly worsen she performance.

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2. A car accelerates at a rate of 1.4 m/s. Discover the fixed of the auto if a 2250 N net force is
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1607.14 kg


The mass of the car can be found by using the formula


f is the force

a is the acceleration

From the inquiry we have

We have the last as

1607.14 kg

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Is it true or wrong the if anyone speak that, can something the is “speeding up” it method it is likewise have a negative acceleratio
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it depends your perspective on it

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Freight vehicle A with a gross weight of 200,000 lbs is moving along the horizontal monitor in a convert derekwadsworth.comrd in ~ 4 mi/hr. Freight ca
zhenek <66> a) 4.7 mi/hr. B) 86,500 lbs. Mi²/Hr²


As in any kind of collision, under the presumption that no exterior forces exist throughout the very small collision time, momentum must be conserved.

If the collision is completely inelastic, both masses proceed coupled each various other as a solitary mass, through a solitary speed.

So, we can write the following:

p₁ = p₂ ⇒m₁.v₁ + m₂.v₂ = (m₁ + m₂). Vf

Replacing by the values, and also solving because that vf, us get:

vf = (200,000 lbs. 4 mi/hr + 100,000 lbs. 6 mi/hr) / 300,000 lbs = 4.7 mi/hr

If the track is horizontal, this method that thre is no change in gravitational potential energy, so any kind of loss of power must it is in kinetic energy.

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Before the collision, the total kinetic power of the device was the following:

K₁ = 1/2 (m₁.v₁² + m₂.v₂²) = 3,400,000 lbs. Mi² / hr²

After the collision, complete kinetic energy is together follows:

K₂ = 1/2 ((m₁ + m₂) vf²) = 3,313,500 lbs. Mi²/hr²

So we have an energy loss, equal to the difference between initial kinetic energy and also final kinetic energy, as follows:

DE = K₁ - K₂ = 86,500 lbs. Mi² / hr²

This loss is because of the impact, and is represented by the job-related done through friction forces (internal) during the impact.