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Which of the following features, frameworks, or procedures is widespread to both bacteria and also viruses?
hereditary product created of nucleic acid
cell division
independent existence
Emerging viroffers aincrease by
mutation of existing virprovides.

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the spreview of existing viruses even more commonly within their host species.
the spcheck out of existing viruses to brand-new hold species.
all of the above
namong the above
To cause a humale pandemic, the H5N1 avian flu virus would have actually to
aclimb separately in chickens in North and South America.
construct right into a virus with a various hold variety.
spread to primates such as monkeys.
come to be qualified of human-to-huguy transmission.
become a lot even more pathogenic.
A bacterium is infected with an experimentally built bacteriophage written of the T2 phage protein coat and also T4 phage DNA. The brand-new phages produced would certainly have
T2 protein and also T4 DNA.
T4 protein and T2 DNA.
T2 protein and also T2 DNA.
a mixture of the DNA and proteins of both pheras.
T4 protein and T4 DNA.
RNA virprovides require their own supply of particular enzymes because
these enzymes cannot be made in hold cells.
host cells lack enzymes that deserve to replicate the viral genome.
these enzymes penetrate host cell membranes.
organize cells rapidly damage the virsupplies.

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these enzymes translate viral mRNA into proteins.