Well, here"s a quiz you can take to find out: Quiz website Quotev has actually a quiz out on Aug. 21, titled, "Which federal government most closely matches her political views?"

Created by a user, IntricateEntity, it has been taken an ext than 300,000 time in a day.

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Tough choices

This quiz has actually a set of concerns with tough choices. These pertain come healthcare, education, politics and also business.

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The answers aren"t have to yes or no, as they touch on tax rates and business regulation.

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Denmark tops

Not surprisingly, most human being want come be as with Denmark or Uruguay, which argues a an ext liberal strategy to governance.

Of course, a an easy quiz choose doesn"t necessarily median you room perfectly aligned v the beliefs of any details country, together these streamlined answers don"t necessarily explain the justifications behind them.

For example, Singapore is outwardly capitalist as lot as she is inwardly socialist.

Interestingly, Singapore is a fairly popular result, coming in fifth.

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You can take the quiz right here to find out what country you would certainly be.

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