You will require to have the ability to recognize the while the United states shaped isolationist politics policies, the greatly broadened its financial ties come Europe and also developed one industrial economy that conducted service in worldwide markets.You will require to understand the degree to which joined States financial foreign policy led to prosperity in ~ home and abroad.

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Terms to know include, yet are not restricted to:anarchists, Communists, Dawes Plan, demobilization, disarmament, flappers, Fordney-McCumber Act, impact of climate and also natural disasters, Jazz Age, Prohibition, Red Scare, Roaring Twenties, Sacco and Vanzetti, tariffs, Teapot Dome.

Example 1

Which action best demonstrated the unified States initiative to isolate itself from European disputes after human being War I?

a. Lowering tariff rates

b. Attempting to boost relations v Asia

c. Failing to sign worldwide disarmament agreements

d. Refusing to sign up with the league of Nations

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Example 2

Use your understanding of U.S. History and the politics cartoon listed below to choose which statement finest summarizes the economic relationship in between the U.S. And Europe throughout the 1920s.


A. Nevertheless of the reality that our industry was in quick supply of countless goods post-WWI, we suggested open door policies with europe countries.

B. As European nations struggled to recuperate post-WWI, they approached a dominate U.S. Industry that remained in possession of many supplies

C. Return Europe nations established a stable financial market post-WWI, lock approached the U.S. Through a need for farming items.

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D. European nations refused to trade agricultural goods through U.S. Post-WWI due to the truth that Russia was omitted indigenous the treaty of Versailles


Example 3

The convictions of Sacco and Vanzetti in the 1920s most closely reflected thea. Boost in nativist attitudesb. Federal government’s war on crimec. Corruption of political machinesd. Increase in job unrest

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Example 4

The 1920’s room sometimes referred to as the \"Roaring Twenties\" because

a. International trade thrived after human being War I
b. The United claims assumed a leadership duty in civilization affairs
c. Political revolutionary made government an ext democratic
d. Extensive social and economic readjust occurred

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Example 5

Which events best support the photo of the 1920’s together a decade of nativist sentiment?

a. The i of the national Origins Act and also the increase of the Ku Klux Klan
b. The Scopes trial and the i of women’s suffrage
c. The Washington naval Conference and the Kellogg-Briand Pact
d. The expansion of the auto industry and the Teapot Dome Affair

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Example 6

The economic boom and the jae won speculation of the 1920’s were brought about in part by

a. Rate buying and also an unregulated stock sector

b. The growth of civil legal rights to women and also minorities

c. The mobilization of the economic situation for battle

d. Increased federal government restrictions on big business

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Example 7

Which conclusion can be attracted from the event of the Red Scare and the decision the the can be fried Court in Schenck v. Joined States?

a. Immigrants to the United claims are repetitively denied equal protection under the law.

b. A person’s ideal protection indigenous persecution rests through the can be fried Court.

c. Civil rights are sometimes compromised by the public’s are afraid of radical political teams

d. Violent protests in the United says are typically met v a violent solution from the government.

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