I have always been a fitness freak. When I’m not running, I perform Pilates and HIIT workouts at residence. The other day, my husband and I were painting and did many squatting. The following day, I felt so much stress in my legs I wondered exactly how it could be feasible considering exactly how a lot I exercise. I decided to find out what I did wrong and which task will certainly create stress and anxiety in the legs. What I discovered was an eye-opener.

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It turns out that things we do eexceptionally day deserve to actually put press on our legs and also make them feel tense or worked out. These are the top tasks that produce stress and anxiety in the legs.


Squatting is always one of the initially exercises recommfinished to get solid legs. As a runner, I perform most squatting and really believe in its power. What I didn’t realize is bereason of the number of muscles associated in the exercise, soreness and also stress and anxiety in the legs is expected. (1)

The upper legs and glutes are two of the a lot of affected muscle teams however stress and anxiety might happen in various other parts of the leg as well. If performed via the appropriate method, possibilities of enduring stress and anxiety mitigate.

This describes why my squatting led to so much anxiety - I was squatting in awkward positions. I wasn’t in a regular squat yet had to adjust to obtain to the places I needed to paint.


Generally speaking, once your muscles are stuck in a fixed position for extended durations of time, they will come to be stiff. Sitting is one of the initially culprits once it involves feeling anxiety in the legs. If you occupational at a desk task and sit many of the day, the blood circulation in your legs decreases leading to them to become numb or stiff.

If you are choose me that is exceptionally energetic however occur to sit for extfinished periods of time, this could be the cause of your leg stress.

Although standing is mostly better than sitting, it still isn’t ideal for your muscles. Standing in one location puts your legs under a lot of pressure. Calve muscles readjust constantly to assist you store your balance and over a long period of time, deserve to obtain exhausted and stiffen up. (4)

Another factor why standing deserve to cause stress is bereason your feet lug all your weight when you stand. Many finish up waking up through sore feet after standing for a long time.

In enhancement to the push on your feet, standing likewise causes pooling of blood because your heart cannot properly pump blood up your legs.


This was a surpincreasing discovery for me. Not drinking enough water deserve to actually trigger muscle stiffness. The factor is bereason muscles call for many electrolytes that are discovered in water. These electrolytes aid carry orders from your muscles to your nervous system and also vice versa.

When your muscles shed water, blood flow is diminished which renders the muscles weak. Also, dehydrated muscles shed adaptability and elasticity which make them more breakable to tears and strains.

Thinking back, I bet this was one create of my muscle tension. I was so concentrated on painting, I forgained to remain hydrated.

I constantly thought that the even more I use my muscles by functioning out strongly, the much less most likely they are to gain stiff. I was terribly wrong. A problem dubbed Delayed Oncollection Muscle Soreness (DOMS) deserve to be felt as muscle stiffness from 24-72 hrs after eccentric exercise. For instance, running downhill can trigger the condition. (6)

Although the precise cause is debatable, many researchers agree that it is led to by the small raptures within the muscle. The microscopic tears in the connective tproblem and also neighboring muscle produce muscle stiffness.

Usually, massaging the appropriate create point have the right to help reduce the stiffness.

The great news is all these triggers are extremely avoidable. Sometimes we sindicate lack specific information and have certain beliefs that occupational versus us. I don’t desire any kind of of you to have to go through the stiffness I knowledgeable for days. Here are 5 tips to aid prevent muscle stress and anxiety in the legs.

I think every runner need to execute squats. Not just execute they strengthen your legs however substantially help you to keep proper running develop. The trick is to carry out them correctly. Here are some points to avoid: (7)

Do not:


If you cannot escape sitting for extended hours, tright here are some good points you do to try and store your legs from becoming stiff. (9)

Do 15 elbow curls. Raise your arms to shoulder elevation, touch your knuckles to your temples and squeeze your shoulder knives together.
Do 15 earlier stretches. Hold your arms shoulder size straight in front of you, lace your fingers together and also reduced the arms to your lap

Instead of standing in one position, think about pacing back and forth. Walking distributes the burden of your body weight to even more muscle teams including the calves, arms, and buttocks. Pacing likewise allows your muscles to remainder considering that weight is shifted from one leg to one more.

Choosing the best sandals when walking is likewise necessary. This is specifically true if you have actually a condition such as plantar fascia which requires one-of-a-kind footwear.


Staying hydrated especially during physical task might sound easy, but it is complex. I have actually the habit of drinking water whenever before I feel thirsty. If you are favor me, its time for a readjust.

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It turns out that basing our water intake on our body’s signals will not be enough. Here are some tips we deserve to all use: (10)

Make sure you consume 91oz (2.6L) of liquid per day if you are a female and 125oz (3.7L) if you are male
​Remember that just 20% of your liquid intake need to be from fruits. Include watermelons, strawberries etc in your diet
​Only use a sports drink if you exercise for even more than 1 hour. Make certain the drink consists of sodium, potassium, and carbs.