What is salt Chloride

You likely best know salt chloride by its family members name — table salt. Table salt is supplied in plenty of applications in the food and beverage market to add flavor or maintain food. It have the right to be included into a food or drink by the producer or sold straight to the customer to usage freely. Both supplies are approved and recognized together safe through the FDA.

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Salt is specifically noted in the password of commonwealth Regulations location 21 ar 182.1 — substances the are typically recognized together safe for your intended use. As long as it is provided for the correct purpose and follows great manufacturing practice, you are cost-free to ingest sodium chloride or include it to the food products you manufacture.

Synonyms: NaCl, salt ChlorideINCI: Sodium ChlorideChemical formula: NaClCAS # 7647-14-5


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Sodium Chloride Food-Industrial Sea Salt Extra outlet TOPPSodium Chloride Oilfield FineSodium Chloride Solar

Appearancecolorless to white, solid
Solubilitiessoluble in water
Boiling point1413 to 1461oC (2575.4 to 2661.8oF)
Freezing point801oC (1473.8oF)
Molecular weight58.44 g/mol
Weight per gallon8.33 lbs/gal
ClassSalt, Salt Evaporated, Salt Food Grade
GradesIndustrial, ACS, USP, NF Grade, Kosher


Uses and also Applications for sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride uses incorporate Baking, Canning, Cheese, Food Processing, Meat Products, Pickling o Salad Dressing, Seasonings, summer sprouts Blends, Spreads.

Sodium chloride — additionally known as table salt or CAS No. 7440-23-5 — is one ionic compound developed by mining rock salt or evaporating seawater or brine from a salt lake. The result is a flexible ingredient v a vast variety of household and industrial offers that is in huge demand about the world. An ext than 280 million metric loads are developed each year alone.

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