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Fibular artery (arteria fibularis)

The fibular artery, additionally known together the peroneal artery, is a branch the the posterior tibial artery that provides the posterior and lateral compartments the the leg. It arises distal to the popliteus muscle and descends along the medial next of the fibula, normally within the flexor hallucis longus muscle.

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Along that is course, it provides off 5 sets of branches; muscular and perforating branches, the nutrient artery the fibula and a communicating branch come the posterior tibial artery. Upon reaching the inferior tibiofibular syndesmosis, it divides into its terminal calcaneal branches.

Key facts around the fibular (peroneal) artery
OriginPosterior tibial artery
BranchesMuscular, perforating, communicating, nutrient, calcaneal branches
SupplyPosterior and lateral compartment that the leg

This article will comment on the anatomy and function of the fibular artery.

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The fibular artery occurs from the posterior tibial artery usually about 2.5 cm below the popliteus muscle, however it might occasionally arise as much as 8 cm distal to the popliteus. Some messages may define the fibular artery as arising from a vessel well-known as the tibiofibular tribe (or tibioperoneal trunk), i m sorry is an alternate title for the proximal component of the posterior tibial artery. 

From its origin point, the fibular artery descends obliquely along the medial comb of the fibula. It typically courses within the flexor hallucis longus muscle, or in a fibrous canal formed between the tibialis posterior and flexor hallucis longus muscles. Proximally, the fibular artery is extended by the soleus muscle and the transverse intermuscular septum, while the flexor hallucis longus muscle consists its distal portion.

As it reaches the tibiofibular syndesmosis, the fibular artery end by separating into the terminal branches.

Branches and also supply

Along its course, the fibular artery offers off number of branches; muscular, nutrient, perforating, communicating and calcaneal branches.

Nutrient artery that fibula: occurs from the fibular artery approximately 7 centimeter after the origin and also pierces the fibula in ~ its medial crest, near the middle 3rd of the bone shaft, providing it v endosteal supply.Posterior lateral malleolar branch: surrounding the lateral malleolus and also anastomoses with various other malleolar arteries, contributing to the lateral malleolar vascular network.Communicating branch: anastomoses with a connecting branch that the posterior tibial artery around 5 cm proximal to the ankle.



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Fibular artery (arteria fibularis) - Begoña Rodriguez

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