Possibly the the majority of vital question concerning longevity and also health in ministry (and really just in life as a Christian) is “wbelow do you hide?"

Life and also ministry are occasionally exceptionally difficult. The inner and also exterior pressure and also tension sometimes leaves us feeling depleted and also discouraged. When we feel this method for a prolonged amount of time, we all feel the God-given must retreat. We are like an athlete in the NCAA tournament that has played a great game and needs to get his body and also mind all set for the next game 2 days later on. We are prefer a NASCAR driver that demands to come in for fuel to be able to complete the race. God made us all dependent beings and also has actually made us with the must retreat and hide out. The question we need to answer is wbelow are we hiding? Where perform we run as soon as we are running on E?

Wbelow we hide will determine our future. Let’s take a quick look at a few locations we might be hiding and also the result of each of these.

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ALCOHOL- For an extremely long duration of time, my hiding location was alcohol and drugs. My resource of comfort, confidence, and satisfactivity came specifically from a chemical. The result was damage. Over the past few years, I have heard way too many type of stories of this being a reality for pastors and various other believers. We are fooled to believe that bereason we have served the Lord so hard, we deserve to hide in the bottle for awhile. Alcohol is absolutely permissible in Scripture and also is a great point for human being to gain responsibly, but cannot be the area we hide. If it is, destruction will always follow.

PORN- A study freshly verified that 79% of adult American guys ages 18-30 see porn at leastern once per week. The research likewise proclaimed that 76% of Amerideserve to woguys ages 18-30 watch porn at leastern when per month. Porn demolishes marital intimacy and also kills our intimacy through Jesus, yet many pastors find their refuge in this demonic sin. The result of finding our refuge in porn, masterbation, or other sexual sin is very disastrous and also will many likely bring about a public moral faiattract, hurting many even more people than you would certainly have actually ever before believed. The finest advice I might give if you struggle in this location is humble yourself, confide in an older, wiser spiritual mentor, and also do whatever it takes to kill this sin. Jesus has actually phelp for this sin, yet the only grace that Jesus supplies is transformational grace.

EXERCISE- Leaders have actually the tendency to spfinish their time wright here they feel choose they are winning. When we don’t feel like we’re winning in our walk with Jesus, our marital relationship, or our calling/project, we will certainly sometimes look elsewhere. The gym is not somewhere I ever feel choose I’m winning (I look favor a white string bean), yet for many kind of, it is and have the right to become a area of refuge once you don’t feel like you’re winning in other places. Exercise, such as CrossFit or golf, is a valuable and also essential facet of healthy living, yet it have the right to easily come to be an idol. When exercise becomes wright here we hide the outcome is virtually always a distraction from what’s the majority of crucial, and also possibly vanity, pride, and also lust. Enjoy your workout, yet don’t hide tbelow.

SOCIAL MEDIA- One of the a lot of seductive hiding locations is our phone. The fleeting, however alluring, pleasures of dings, buzzes, likes, followers, and prestige is a basic place to hide that is constantly right in our pocket. Social media is an incredible tool to attach via world and also advancement the Gospel, however cannot be our hiding location. When social media, technology, tv, and other media sources become our hiding area mediocrity is the outcome. This hiding location distracts us from our families, our calling, and also many importantly intimacy with God. Running to social media for comfort is prefer eating many bcheck out once we are dying of thirst. You’re doing something, yet it’s not helping the instance.

MINISTRY- This may be the the majority of devastating among all bereason we will oftentimes be applauded for this one. When we are depleted, many type of of us just throw ourselves more into the occupational of minisattempt. We believe the lie that our souls will certainly be satisfied if we just hit our attendance goal or if the next message is the ideal one we’ve ever before preached. We burn ourselves out trying to uncover comfort in minisattempt success, which constantly appears to evade us. We soon end up being even even more exhausted and will inevitably tap out or have a ethical failure.

Where are you hiding?

There are many even more that we can point out (food, relationships, finding out, possessions, and so on.), yet these are simply a couple of of the major ones I view frequently. Not all of these are naturally negative or morally wrong points to suffer (various other than porn), however they cannot be the place we uncover healing, restoration, and also replenishment. The question isn’t if you engage in these tasks, yet wbelow do you go for comfort once you are depleted. They are all favor eating candy and drinking soda between games or placing water in your gas tank. They simply don’t occupational permanent.

Wbelow then must we hide?

“Oh taste and also view that the LORD is good! Blessed is the male who takes refuge in Him!” -Psalm 34:8

The Lord designed us to hide in Him and also He invites us into His hiding place. When we are depleted and also run to God (quite than to the bottle, the gym, our phone, or more ministry) we will certainly be richly recovered. When we hide out in God our souls will certainly experience the joy we lengthy for, the comfort we crave, and the spiritual revitalization that we need to thrive in this incredible, yet strenuous, calling God has actually blessed us via. God is the just hiding area that functions.

Jesus modeled this for us once He was on earth...

"After He had actually sent the crowds away, He went up on the hill by Himself to pray; and once it was evening, He was there alone.” Matthew 14:23

"After bidding them farewell, He left for the hill to pray.” Mark 6:46

"It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the totality night in prayer to God.” Luke 6:12

"In the early on morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the residence, and also went ameans to a secluded location, and also was praying tbelow.” Mark 1:35

"But Jesus Himself would certainly frequently slip ameans to the wilderness and also pray.” Luke 5:16

We check out over and over again that Jesus retreated to spfinish intimate time via the Father. Time via God was His hiding location. We have to follow His example. The presence of God can’t simply be our power to preach and perform ministry, it must also be our hiding place.

As we examine wbelow we hide, we deserve to understand where our hearts truly are in this seaboy. Wbelow we hide exposes our biggest love. What we gain many is wright here we will certainly hide once points obtain stormy. Here are 2 truths we have to know in order to make God’s presence our hiding place:

1- God is a Good Father that loves (and also likes) us.

We hear this and also talk about this all the moment, yet perform we really think it? You are a child (or daughter) of God and also He not only loves you, however He additionally likes you. He desires to spfinish time via you. Your sin has actually already been paid for, and also God is not an angry or remote step-father, yet an attentive and loving Daddy. He wants you to sit on His lap when you’ve had a hard day. He wants to be your hiding place.

2- God is the only location our souls find rest.

St. Augustine famously stated, "You have actually made us for yourself, O Lord, and also our heart is restmuch less until it rests in you.” Our souls will continue to be restless if we continue to hide out and also look for rest all over various other than God. When we retreat to be with God our souls will uncover deep remainder and also we will certainly have the ability to find wellness and longevity.

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Jesus is inviting you right into this remainder ideal now,

"Come to me, all that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you remainder. Take my yoke upon you, and also learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will uncover remainder for your souls. For my yoke is simple, and also my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30


Repent of all various other hiding locations and contact a friend to confess and also ask for assist if needed.Schedule rhythms of retreats via God. I’d recommfinish a day-to-day joy time, weekly Sabbath, monthly retreat day, and also an extensive sabbatical eexceptionally 7 years.Make God the first area you run when you are depleted.