Obviously, when human beings die in Supernatural, they go to heaven or hell, or simply stick around as ghosts. Yet what happens to Angels and also Demons? we all recognize (in the show) the they exist, and also that you deserve to kill them with special weapons, knives, and also get rid that them with weapons.

But what happens to them?

Do they simply dissipate into nothing?

Do they walk to purgatory as well as monsters?

Do lock go ago to heaven/hell?


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AngelsIt is declared in the flashback scene of "The male Who would certainly Be King" that angels carry out not have souls, they merely exist. As soon as angels die, they don"t go to Heaven, as can be concluded native the entirety Civil war arc, because then there would simply be an limitless supply that angels. Additionally, also Purgatory is limited to creatures with a soul, which can be finish by "The man Who would certainly Be King" meaning angels don"t end up over there either, castle would have to just "wink out" like the irradiate on a candle gift snuffed.

DemonsThe same issue uses with demons, essentially. If once they were killed, they finished up ago in Hell, there would merely be an endless supply the demons. Due to the fact that they room technically just an changed human soul, though, that method there IS quiet a soul there. The basically just makes castle supercharged ghosts, together is explained in "Weekend in ~ Bobby"s". Lock can furthermore be eliminated the same way as a person spirit, by burn the bones (also "Weekend in ~ Bobby"s").What wake up to demons once they die would need to be the same thing the happens to a vengeful spirit. My personal guess is that their soul goes earlier to exactly how it was before they became demons. Crowley would end up being Fergus McCloud again, because that example.What leader me to the conclusion is that, as displayed in "Taxi Driver", as soon as Sam checked out Hell come rescue Bobby, that was formerly a vengeful spirit. One might infer that they are just sent come either sky or Hell, yet it would not make feeling for lock to walk to any type of of those areas as a demon; they would need to be a human being soul. The other option would be the they would certainly be sent to Purgatory.

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That, however, would not be explained due to the fact that demons are human souls and Purgatory is "not a place for human souls," as described in Dean"s various flashbacks to Purgatory in Season 8.