Therefore, friend may have a bunch the questions about where come buy dry ice, how much walk dry ice cream cost, and also how to keep dry.

Here, you will discover answers come the most frequently asked questions when it comes to where to buy dry ice close to me.

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Finding Dry ice Retailers near Me

The very first thing that you will want to do is uncover the best retailer for getting dry ice. You will certainly be surprised to know that there room a variety of options available. Here are the most usual places whereby you can discover dry ice.

Grocery stores

Larger grocery stores will have dry ice available. However, dry ice will certainly not be easily accessible on the supermarket floor.

You should ask the supermarket manager because that the amount of dried ice that you need and it will be brought to you.

Here is a perform of grocery stores that right now offer dry ice:


Gas stations

There space some grocery store stores that sell dry ice for sale.

Unlike supermarkets, girlfriend may be able to handle the dry ice cream yourself. Be sure that you have a pair of thick gloves when managing the dry ice, also if that is in a container.

Here is a list of gas train station that currently offer dry ice cream at some of their locations:

Ice Companies

Chances space that your city has a number of ice companies.

These ice companies will be able to administer you v dry ice in bulk.

Here is a perform of ice companies that currently offer dried ice:

Online dry ice cream sellers

You may be surprised to understand that you deserve to buy dry ice online.

Be sure to check out the ratings of the online agency to be certain that friend will acquire the product – the you bespeak – delivered on time.

Here is a list of virtual dry ice cream sellers:

Butcher shops

Butchers must use dry ice for their own meat storage. Often, these butchers will sell some of their excess dry ice cream for sale.

Be sure to call your neighborhood butcher shop to check out if they can offer dry ice cream for sale.

Some FedEx and UPS stores

Contact your neighborhood FedEx or UPS store to view if they offer dry ice cream for sale.

Some places will offer dry ice for packaging and also mailing products such as frozen meat, fish, or various other items that must be retained cold.

Forms the Dry ice cream Available

There space three major forms of dried ice. Each kind of dry ice cream is appropriate for various kinds of uses:

Blocks of dried ice – If you are trying to find a big piece of dry ice, then you will want to order it in a block. These dry ice cream blocks can weigh about 60 pounds and have dimensions of 10 inches large by 10 inches long by 12 customs thick.

Slabs of dry ice – These can be processed and also package to your certain specifications. This deserve to come in comfortable if you room looking to put dry ice in a cooler or container. You can specify that the slab is big enough come cover the majority of the cooler or container bed.

Pellets of dry ice – these are right for your smaller sized storage needs. You will certainly usually be able to order pellets through weight. Every pellet will be around the size of a street cube or perhaps a tiny larger. In ~ the pellet category, there space three varieties of pallets available: continual pallets, rice pallets and also carbonic pallets.

Dry ice Pricing

The median price the dry ice cream is about $1 come $3 per hour. You should have the ability to find the best prices because that dry ice at large retailers such together Walmart or Kroger.

If girlfriend order – in bulk – from ice companies, you may have the ability to find even far better prices. The greater prices for dry ice will certainly be found at gas train station and little grocery stores.

Packing dried Ice

Dry ice is a solid form of carbon dioxide. Therefore, girlfriend will desire to be careful when you pack and transport the dry ice. Below are part tips come ensure that you safely transport your dried ice:

1. Gain a suitable container because that the product, specifically if you space buying dry ice from a supermarket or grocery store. Ensure that the bottom that the container is strong enough to host the dry ice if you are buying in big amounts.

2. Make sure that you room using the right products for her dry ice container. that is recommended that you use a good quality filter board (corrugated cardboard). Other choices include plastic or wood boxes. The is not recommended that you use steel north or jerry cans.

3. That is additionally recommended the you add a class of styrofoam external of the initial container. This is specifically true if you room going to letter or delivery the dry ice. Make certain that the styrofoam is at least two customs in thickness.

Securing Dry ice cream in her Vehicle

When you space transporting dry ice in her vehicle, friend will desire to practice some extra precautions. The is since dry ice releases carbon dioxide which have the right to be hazardous if ingested in large amounts.

Here space tips the can help you safely move dry ice cream in her vehicle.

1. Make certain that the parcel is secured or bound down – once you place your container that dry ice in her vehicle, make sure that it can’t shift during transportation. Huge slabs and blocks deserve to break v the container in situations where you do a spicy turn.

2. Make certain the container is no leaking carbon dioxide – Be certain to inspect this before you leave. Since your eyes will be ~ above the road, you might not have the ability to detect any kind of carbon dioxide leaks when you are driving.

3. If possible, carry the dry ice cream in the tribe or bed of your vehicle. If girlfriend can, location the container of dry ice external of the internal cabin. This can provide you one extra class of protection from carbon dioxide leaks.

Handling dried Ice

Dry ice deserve to burn the skin if you come in call with it. It is why friend will want to practice some extra precautions. Here is just how you should properly handle dry ice:

1. Wear special gloves – Make sure you have actually a good pair that gloves if you need to handle the dry ice v your hands.

2. Store dry ice slabs and pallets in packaging – because of the leakage and the potential burns, friend will desire to store the dry ice cream in a package when you are transporting it.

3. Store away indigenous the face – While friend are relocating around any dry ice, make sure that you save it far from your challenge to prevent any ingestion that carbon dioxide leaks.

4. If you desire to rest up dried ice, make sure that you room wearing goggles. dried ice have the right to burn any component of your body, that consists of your eyes. Also be sure to covering up any type of exposed skin while break up dried ice.

Storage of dry Ice

After you buy your dry ice, girlfriend will require to find a place to store the dried ice. Due to the fact that dry ice cream is a possibly hazardous material, girlfriend will desire to exercise some extra precautions. Here are the measures that you should take to store your dry ice:

1. Acquisition a dry ice close – A dry ice close is basically a container that have the right to seal the dry ice and also slow under the sublimation process. If girlfriend don’t usage a dry ice cream close, you have the right to potentially shed 5 come 10 pounds the dry ice cream per day.

2. Invest in one insulated container if you are going to it is in buying dry ice on a regular basis. The container will be able to prevent carbon dioxide leaks and also keep the dry ice in its solid type for as lengthy as possible.

3. Add crumpled paper to the container – By including crumpled record to the container, friend will be able to slow under the sublimation process. This will certainly lessen the amount of dead space inside the container.

4. Store the container lid closeup of the door as lot as possible – If you desire your dry ice to last, then you will desire to save the lid near as much as feasible to slow down the sublimation process.

5. Place the container in a cold area – To store the sublimation price of the dry ice low, store the container save in a cool area. Some of the areas where you have the right to keep the container could include inside a refrigerator or a cooler area of her home.

6. Save the container in a well-ventilated area – This will stop asphyxiation in people and animals as result of the relax of carbon dioxide gas.

WARNING: execute not keep your dry ice cream in one airtight container – due to the fact that dry ice cream sublimates rather of melts, it transforms into a carbon dioxide gas. This gas demands room to escape. If the gas broadens too much – in an airtight container – the container can explode.

WARNING: perform not placed dry ice cream in a freezer – Freezers room airtight. If you leaving dry ice in the freezer, the gases will develop up and also cause an explosion.

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Safely Buying and Storing dry Ice

While dried ice can be an inexplicable purchase, you deserve to easily uncover the products and also safely store and also use it. Be certain to have all the materials that you need — insulated gloves, insulated container, goggles — before securing your dry ice.