When a guy Loves a Woman(1994)
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Label:HollywoodLabel number:HR 61606
Running time:24m57sShipping date:May 10th, 1994
Original score by Zbigniew PreisnerProduct availabilityClick when a man Loves a woman soundtrack CD for an ext info native The MovieMusic Store.

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Album Tracklist
1.When A male Loves A mrs - Percy Sledge<2:58>
2.Crazy Love - Brian Kennedy<3:41>
3.El Gusto (Son Huasteco) - Los Lobos<3:02>
4.Main Title<2:02>
5.Garbage Compulsion<1:30>
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Music indigenous the movie no on this soundtrack CD
Everybody damages - R.E.M.
Running from Mercy - Ricky Lee Jones
Stewart"s coat - Ricky Lee Jones
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:Not certain what the surname of the track is i am feather for. The goes like... "everybody cries..." in it.(from shashain winchester , virginia)
A:I think you may be asking about "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M. (thanks to Franko,Austin)add more info
Q:What is that track playing when Michael choose up Alice indigenous rehab? the sounds prefer Bonnie Raitt maybe, not certain though. Help....(from cherylin Ozark, MO)
A:"Running native Mercy" by Rickie Lee Jones (thanks come keeps,nh)add much more info
Q:There is a tune that plays during the credits. I believe it"s the last track you hear. I own the soundtrack and it"s not consisted of in the album. What"s the name of the song and artist?(from Kellyin Frisco, TX)
A:"Stewart"s Coat" through Chantal Kreviazuk (thanks to pat,ny)add an ext info
Q:I would additionally like to understand the name of the song that is playing during the closing credits the the movie. The last verse that is repeated over and also over again at the finish is "...time to find out to grow..."(from Floin California)
A:"Stewart"s Coat" is sung through Rickie Lee Jones. A beautiful song. (thanks to Donna Rickard,Sydney, Australia)add more info
Q:I"ve looked and looked, yet can"t discover the song by Rickie Lee Jones that plays during the scene once Andy Garcia is ~ above the beach with his children during his separation indigenous his wife. As soon as I did a search for it online, I found "Stewart"s Coat" by Rickie Lee Jones, however that"s not the track I"m after. Deserve to someone you re welcome tell me what this tune is??(from valleygirlin Visalia, CA US)
A:It is "Everybody Hurts" through R.E.M. (thanks to small86,phx, az)add more info
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