While hear Yellow Diamonds brand-new song, anyone pretty lot calls it, "Whats the point of emotion Blue." yet however, ns disagree on how the tune title is. In the point out of the tune that Yellow Diamond sings the part, friend hear a stop on the Blue. What if, its actually "Whats the point of feeling, Blue"


im pretty sure its a pat on indigenous mostly because it beeing referred to as "what's the usage of emotion (blue)" in the credits

You hear a stop on the Blue

Because also a frigid bitch knows the importance of emphasis and timing once delivering a disastrous pun.

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I average that tracks, remember back before Peridemption the main reason she was anywhere Yellow D's yellow d was that she was the most "cold, rational, and also logical" (paraphrasing probably). This probably gave a many of understanding into why she's favor that.

I honestly found it kind of strange/cliche that the gems, through all their emotions and multifaceted (HA!) individualities are simply aberants native a gyeongju of emotionless robots yet what with seeing the planet quartz soldiers and so many an ext emotions the much more gems us see, it's evident they're not emotionless, just various priorities (and most likely a bit full of themselves) and also this "Don't feel!" ingredient is probably largely simply in Yellow Diamond's department and mainly as a an outcome of her coping v the ns of Pink Diamond

I really think at this allude that it's latter. And, as I know I've said in a few other threads now, YD's talking about the function of the increased Quartz gems. The song is around functions of other gems "an agate terrifies, a lapis terraforms" etc. And not around mourning. She additionally makes a suggest of pushing the bubbles far or scan at them throughout the course of the song to emphasize.

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In Steven Floats they stated that Rose's additional powers were based on her emotions quite than "a gem's" as they did as soon as talking about summoning weapons in Gem Glow. Rose Quartzes were clearly specific come Pink Diamond and also probably were unique to her. So, are emotions (and facilitating them in other gems) a role that to be designed right into them?

If SU is everywhere approximate come our timeline, 6,000 years back humans were reasonably well developed with creating systems, farms, animal domestication, etc.. It's not favor gems to be there before homo sapiens evolved. It's long enough to have influenced the design from those regions (also 5,000 years back definitely in the duration of 'history' quite than prehistory). PD would have seen this and also wanted come understand, hence the zoo. Yet I can see wanting to have a gem that had feelings as a means to communicate with the humans. I mean, what if they were the initial zoo caretakers? They might heal the animals, they'd be able to be responsive (better bedside manner).