From the formula, above, the Resistance R would certainly decrease if the size is small.

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Shorter wires


The formula provided to discover the resistance that wires carrying electric present is offered by :



is the resistivity the the substance

l is the size of the wire

A is the area the cross section

From equation (1), the is clear the the resistance that the cable is straight proportional to its length. So, by diminish the length of the wire, the resistance that the wire decrease. Hence, the correct alternative is (a).

. A bird is flying v a rate of 18.0 m/s end water as soon as it accidentally drops a 2.00 kg fish. If the altitude that the bird is
V^2 = u^2 + 2gr, where v - speed, u - early stage speed=0, r - displacement (or height)v^2 = 0 + 2*10*5.4v = 10.2 m/s

A block of mass M is put on an inclined surface. The incline renders an edge theta v respect come the horizontal. What are th



As we know that the block is inserted on the skinny plane

So here we understand that the components of weight of the block are

follow me the skinny plane

above component of the weight will certainly be counter well balanced by friction force as it will certainly be at rest

perpendicular to the lean plane

above ingredient is perpendicular to inclined aircraft surface and also it will be counter well balanced by the regular force

So right here correct because that normal pressure will be


Two marbles (m = 0.050 kg each) moving on a table in the direction of each various other with the rate of 0.3 m/s collide, and start relocating away fr

V1 = ____0.3______ m/s, V2 = ____-0.3______ m/s,

p1 = ____0.015______ kg m/s, p2 = ___-0.015_______ kg m/s,

ptotal = _0___________ kg m/s


Taking the marble ball that moves from appropriate to left as Marble 1 and the one that moves indigenous left to right as Marble 2. We take direction native left to ideal as negative and from ideal to left together positive. Therefore, velocity of marble 1 will be +0.3 m/s while velocity that marble 2 will be -0.3 m/s. The mass of marble 1, m2 0.05 Kg and same to marble 2, m2=0.05 Kg

Momentum is product of mass and velocity hence using ns to represent momentum

P1=0.05*0.3=0.015 Kg m/s

P2=0.05*-0.3=-0.015 Kg m/s

V1=0.3 m/s, V2=-0.3 m/s

The complete momentum prior to collision will certainly be the sum of P1 and also P2 hence 0.015 Kg m/s+-0.015 Kg m/s=0

Ptotal=0 Kg m/s

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What is the acceleration that the object
Zielflug <23.3K>

it is decreasing in speed


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Calculate the work role that requires a 475 nm photon come eject an electron the 1.25 eV.
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The work role has the formulaE = h vwhere E is the energyh is the constantv is the frequencySince the given is wavelength, we usage the relationship in between frequency and wavelengthv = c / λwhere c is the speed of lightλ is the wavelengthSo.E = h c / λh = Eλ / c = 1.25 eV (475x10-9m) / (3x10^8 m/s)h = 1.9792 x 10^-15The work role is:E = 1.9792 x 10-15 v
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