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Synonyms & Antonyms for problem

Synonyms: Noun

Antonyms: Noun

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mystery, trouble, enigma, riddle, puzzle expect something which baffles or perplexes. mystery uses to what cannot be completely construed by reason or much less strictly to whatever before resists or defies explanation. the mystery of the stone monoliths trouble uses to a question or difficulty calling for a solution or leading to problem. problems created by high technology enigma applies to utterance or behavior that is very hard to analyze. his self-destruction remains an enigma riddle argues an enigma or trouble involving paradox or evident contradiction. the riddle of the reclusive pop star puzzle applies to an enigma or problem that challenges resourcefulness for its solution. the thief"s motives were a puzzle for the police

Noun Racism and also sexism are major social problems. The firm is having financial problems. He has chronic health and wellness problems. The mechanic resolved the problem via the car. Tright here are a couple of problems via your dispute. We have to find a way to deal with this problem. She is bothered by household problems. We didn"t have actually any problems obtaining here. I have actually my very own problems to attend to. Mosquitoes are a problem in the summer.
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Recent Instances on the Web: Noun Hero says: The Bryan Harsin coached Tigers should have actually no trouble beating dvery own the Zips. — Joseph Goodguy | Jgoodman

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First Knvery own Use of problem


14th century, in the meaning identified at sense 1a


1894, in the meaning identified at feeling 1

History and Etymology for problem


Center English probleme, from Latin problema, from Greek problēma, literally, obstacle, from proballein to throw forward, from pro- forward + ballein to throw — even more at pro-, evil one