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The speed of a tide on a stretch string is:

`v = sqrt(T/(m/L))`

where v - rate of the wave

T - cable tension

m - fixed of string

together - size of string

utilizing the formula above,...

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The speed of a tide on a stretch cable is:

`v = sqrt(T/(m/L))`

where v - rate of the wave

T - string tension

m - fixed of string

l - length of string

Using the formula above, solve for T as soon as wave rate is 100 m/s.

`v = sqrt(T/(m/L))`

`100 = sqrt `

To remove the radical sign, square both sides.

`100^2 = T/(m/L)`

`100^2 * m/L = T`

Then, fix for v when value the T is doubled.

So, main point T by 2.

`v = sqrt((2*T)/(m/L))`

Substitute `T=100^2*m/L` .

`v = sqrt ((2*100^*m/L)/(m/L)) = sqrt(2*100^2) = 100sqrt2 ~~ 141.4`

Hence, as soon as T is doubled, the wave speed rises from 100 m/s to 141.4 m/s.

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