1.Let me specify the term midallude initially. Mid allude implies that suggest on the line segment which divides the line segment right into two equal parts.

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So, Option 1 is invalid.

2. Option 2 is additionally invalid.why this is invalid bereason if S is mid suggest of AB, it implies, SA=SB.

3. Option 3 is invalid. Two lines are parallel if ,

(a) Sum of interior angles on the exact same side of Transversal is 180 level.

(b) Corresponding angles are equal.

(c) Alternative internal or exterior angles are equal.

4. Option 4 is true which is ,DE=FA,

→→if these are matching sides of congruent triangles, then it need to be equal.

As, as soon as triangles are congruent , their matching sides and also inner angles of 2 triangles are equal.

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Step-by-action explanation:

You have to be a God to derekwadsworth.com this in your head.

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Pedro bought 7 tickets to a basketround game. He passist a full of $161. Go into an equation, using as your variable, to determine wh
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Step-by-step explanation:

161 ÷ 7 = 23

So, the price of salso tickets is $23

Have a wonderful day!

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Which number sentence mirrors the finest way to estimate 64.12 ÷ 7.4?
Phantasy <73>
B, 63 divided by 7 = 9
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A machine"s performance deserve to be better than 100 percent. a. True b. False
kirill115 <55>
True machine efficiency
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You roll a traditional number cube. Find P (number better than 4). A. 2/3. B. 1/2. C. 3/5. D. 1/3
damaskus <11>

Total Outcome = 6

Number greater than 4 = 2 (5&6)

So, probability would certainly be 2/6 = 1/3

(D)OPTION D IS YOUR derekwadsworth.com

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